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  • Comment on Price knocking on door of Canadiens history during season for the ages (2015-03-23 10:22:09)
    Interresting read on laPresse website about Devante Smith-Pelley. Being very close to a team tends to make you see things,miss things and think that the grass is always greener... So basically in this paper Smith-Pelley says that the standards in MTL are higher than the ones he was used to. Physical condition,nutrition and speed are the main differences he now has to work up to. He also talks about the differences between the western and eastern conferences basically saying that the toughness is out west and the speed is in the east. While we are on the subject the tough Bruins are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel not knowing if it is the end of it or a train coming. Even their fans have their doubts and lack the classless attitude they are so well known for.... I enjoy every minute of it.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-22 10:47:04)
    My memories as a kid will forever keep bringing back Ken Dryden because in those days a huge goalie like him was such an impressive sight and also his successes were part of a dynasty that gave me so much... But then the Roy came and recreated his trade and was and still is to this day the one guy i would take on my team to carry the team and guarantee a win. What we are witnessing now with Carey is also something special. When your name gets to be compared with the greatest even with Jacques Plante , there must be a reason. Of course this is only one season but what a season and what a kool kat ! He deserves to have his name in the record books and will.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-20 09:55:32)
    It is kind of a no win situation when it comes to our Habs at least here when we read some of the comments even some not coming from the loser in Calgary... A win against the Hurricanes is no big deal. A loss against them is a catastrophe .No in between. Name me one NHL team that has had a great season without any slump (s) without any lackluster wins or being in debt towards their goaler. Did any one of you think the Habs would be in first place overall in the NHL with barely 10 games to play ? Did you even consider them hovering with the best close to the top ? Be honest . I sure did not and still think that we may be one or two players or years of maturity from dreaming of drinking from the cup but even with all their wrong doing there are very few teams i fear on a best of 7 serie and the only thing important for moi is may the best team win.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Lightning preview: Emelin returns to Habs lineup (2015-03-16 07:50:48)
    Never was much of a groupie for a band or an individual but for...my Habs. I have been a supporter of Carey Price through thick and thin even to my back then regret through Jaro. I figured that i am not the manager and that they must have seen better than i would. All is well that ends well because they both have succes today so we just could not keep them both logically to enjoy their talents. I just do not agree with those saying that we are lucky to have Carey this season. We are not lucky. We were blamed for picking him so high in the draft back then, went through the growing pains and the Halak debate invested time and money in him and now we are lucky ? No way Jose. He is part of the team, we signed him, he performs as we thought he would . Period. I just can`t say enough though about his season so far . What a dominant and calm goalie. Makes things look so easy ! And the selfie thing yesterday with the kid is the icing on the cake. I am sold. Go Carey go !
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-15 02:54:34)
    Nice game by our guys ...i mean my guys yesterday and the final number of shots on Price does not indicate the difficulty level although again Carey was the kool cat ..At some points in the early part of the game, it was a bit fast for the Isles and they were overwhelmed by the speed of the tic-tac-toes the habs could manage to build. Intense,commmited and total group effort. Nice ! Now on to Tampa and Florida. No rest on the beaches... Long story short . Have not been here for a while...Damn new job !!! lol prevents me from seeing weekdays games and ain`t got PVR so... Got here after the game to share and what do i see ? What the hell is that poll question ? What the hell are those answers to the poll question ? Do you realize how ridicule the situation is ? Because of the eventually predictable woes for that team that happened out west suddenly this first place team coach is no good no more ? As if you guys were just waiting for this moment to arise !!! Naaaahhhh can`t be can it ? wink wink i guess...
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-08 10:12:45)
    I find that the final score does not indicate how the game went. Should have been, could have been...All alone a few feet away from the goal Max Pac was robbed twice by Smith. Impressive evening by the D-squad and of course by kool cat Carey. Interresting poll question . Did not think the Habs had it all to make it to the cup at the begining of the season. Bergevin did not seem to think so either but can`t help as a fan to cheer for my team and be positive and optimistic. Even though i still think we need one more sniper and maturity the team`s record sure shows otherwise and one question makes me smile and hope. What team in the NHL could beat Carey Price 4 times in a 7 games challenge ?
  • Comment on Habs acquire Oilers defenceman Jeff Petry and Sabres forwards Brian Flynn and Torrey Mitchell at NHL trade deadline (2015-03-02 11:02:13)
    Two minor deals likely some loaners also. Depending on how well the Habs do in the playoffs they may be signed in MTL but for Petry to sign it would mean that someone would have to be shipped out so he fits under the cap. Not impossible that Bergevin does move some big names either today or in between seasons to bring back a few draft choices he gave today. Already anyway we know that the D-squad will be renewed by probably 50 % before next season so... Good depth moves though.
  • Comment on Jack Todd: Canadiens could win the Stanley Cup (2015-03-02 07:07:07)
    Not expecting anything today from MB and the Habs and if anything is being worked on, i am convinced that it is à la Bergevin, someone we do not expect from somewhere we do not expect. Personnaly all i have seen in the last few days are overvalued and overpriced athletes being traded. Have not seen any move making me feel like ooouuuhhh this team means business apart from the Hawks maybe. I feel at ease with what we have now and what is brewing in the farm team. Yes the window is opened and have no doubt that Bergevin is well aware of that fact but he kept his word and is on target with what he said we had way back when...at the golf tournament. What we saw on saturday with Carey celebrating Malhotra`s first goal means a lot about the team spirit in that group and i would like it to go on. Even the smallest change can disturb that spirit so...
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-27 05:09:34)
    Darn new job makes me miss most of the weekday`s games...until i get PVR eventually i guess... Great to see us on top and keeping the pace as much as putting distance with our rivals while still having on hand games. Man ! The difference is that our team is super strong on the road when it should actually be a tad more difficult. Markov and Subban and the rest of the D-squad (like them or not) are number 1 in the league. Max is my captain. So Jagr really loves us ! Good deal for the Panthers if it helps them get rid of the bucking Fruins. But both the Bruins,Panthers and Flyers are missing golden opportunities in that race for the 8 th place in the conference. Surprising succes by Shanahan moving Clarkson. But could we please focus on the Habs being the best canadian team TSN ? (wishfull thinking). For this to be a successfull rebuild ,this Laughable team should be stripped down to the bare essential and meanwhile at the other end of the 401 a great story is being written... How about that rumor involving Michalek and McCarron ? Not with a 10 foot pole ! The best trades are often the ones you do not make. I trust MB.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-25 10:34:54)
    What a sniper ! When he was acquired by the Habs just by listening to him, his words about the organization and it`s legends you could feel that he was all about hockey. Just was here at the wrong time and honestly such a high maintenance athlete so would not fit in the present environment. Let`s not make moves that have us come back in time and look forward to new players and events.