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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-30 07:09:14)
    As 2014 comes to a close i find it sad that HIO lets the situation go down the drain. As we lose good guys every day that would write intelligent comments like CJ , Hio allows the same old twice banned and warned polluter to vomit the same old crap every day. Just is not the Hio we all enjoyed... I hope Hio takes definitive resolutions for 2015 because this is it for moi this year and maybe more. Would like to thank you guys , so many enjoyable comments from real positive and real habs fans. Will not name anybody so nobody feels left out. May you and your families have a peacefull,healthy and glorious 2015. Go Habs Go !
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win out of Christmas break (2014-12-29 22:50:29)
    I respect your choice CJ although i do not share it with enthousiasm. Please drop by anytime you wish to. Hope you and your familly have a great 2015 filled with peace,love ,health and laughter.
  • Comment on Habs’ Gonchar fills big brother role for new defence partner Beaulieu (2014-12-29 10:44:52)
    Mark Trestman will always have my blind admiration for the brilliant football mind he is and for his human qualities. That being said he deserved to be fired by the Bears. He sealed his fate by giving his trust to Cutler( although i am not sure he had any option) and has to pay for it. There are 5 or 6 superb quarterback in the NFL wich in a 30 team pool is already extraordinary. The Cutler, Romo , Sanchez, Dalton,Newton and others like them are B grade athletes and you will never get to build around them .Of course you can get better results one season but middle or long term ? No way.
  • Comment on Habs’ Gonchar fills big brother role for new defence partner Beaulieu (2014-12-28 17:27:28)
    Sometimes it works ,sometimes it doesn`t. Gonchar and Markov have to play these roles as mentors for young and not so young teammates not only d-man but it`s within their own squad that they are the most appreciated. It`s a pretty safe and nice example to follow when you are matched with such an athlete as Gonchar. At the same time everyone through the years who have played with Markov greatly benefited from his wisdom and it never was so obvious with the Komisarek disaster that followed his trade. Being a d-man demands experience and maturity and this can`t be bought . Being a role model is not given to everyone. Brian Allen should have been one but seems to lack that je-ne-sais-quoi to rise above the ordinary career d-man. When in MTL we have so many prospects waiting in the wings to graduate and earn their gig it became difficult to give him undeserved favoritism due to his age. Perfect match Gonchar Beaulieu because both have an offensive mission and the older one will show the kid how not to get exposed and maybe stay at home while Beaulieu goes deep.
  • Comment on Beaulieu gets a promotion as Therrien juggles Habs’ lineup (2014-12-28 11:16:50)
    Beaulieu I am happy that Beaulieu seems to earn confidence from the organization. Have always been a fan since the Q but his going up and down is part of making it to the big league and playing with men. This guy could be an offensive weapon if he gets to develop as he did in junior. Of course in the NHL he needs to work on both sides of his game but he is still very young and i am willing to wait. Junior Good game from our junior boys yesterday .They did what they needed to do to win nothing more. Good for the germans to have improved their game somewhat. Fast skaters,big players good goaltending. Only difference is that their hockey program did not get enough time to learn one on one battles and develop skills sets that the canadians are definitely better at. Our guys probably had also an empty tank at some point having played a very intense game the day before. Bruins. My favorite pastime is to visit their forums and facebook page to feel the breeze after a loss like yesterday`s .They just do not get it. Bring back Thornton and intimidation they think...Sad bullies...
  • Comment on Slow starts continue to be a problem for Habs (2014-12-27 11:11:43)
    So people are puzzled by the 4 captains situation with the habs but this one looks so much more confusing... The New Jersey Devils president and general manager announced he would be heading behind the bench after firing Peter DeBoer, in a "unique" situation where he'll coach alongside Adam Oates, who will have autonomy with the team's forward group, and Scott Stevens, who would have autonomy with the team's defence. (insert twilight zone`s theme here)
  • Comment on Slow starts continue to be a problem for Habs (2014-12-27 11:09:24)
    Go read the comment i cited and Dryden was complaining of the exact opposite you think it was. I did too by the way...
  • Comment on Slow starts continue to be a problem for Habs (2014-12-27 10:53:56)
    On that same exact topic mr Cowan and fellow HIO participants i have read a striking comment on the christmas thread at 11.40 from Bansaw. He was citing an excerpt of Ken Dryden `s book The Game. He was stating the exact same phenomenon that was a bother on the glorious years of the Habs. Go read please cause i do not want to take credit from Bansaw.I honestly had no memories of that being a problem back then ,only remember the cups ! So although no roster can be compared to an other ,still it`s not a new thing and certainly not anything that can prevent you from winning it all. Of course we would like the Habs to start as the junior kids did yesterday but if not we need to figure out if we have the assets to face the situation and the answer is clearly yes...Of course this scenario has it`s limits but still it think that what we see is what we get.
  • Comment on Hard to believe some Habs fans still feel Carey Price is over-rated (2014-12-27 09:59:41)
    I went to check yesterday`s roster because you seemed to make a good point Matty but they were actually on average the same age as Canada`s boys, most of them being born in 1995 ,Slovakia being a tad heavier and taller but not much and it sure did not show ! Best wishes to you and yours by the way ! Same to you Mavid !
  • Comment on Hard to believe some Habs fans still feel Carey Price is over-rated (2014-12-27 08:40:15)
    About last night, the game was a bit too fast for the slovakian guys. They must have been so dizzy after they game as they were spining around all night trying to keep up. Quite an impressive show from our kids but it could easilly have been even more a massacre. Play got understandably more fancy trying to make the perfect play with no result quite often...Can`t wait to see them against a team that can compete but i am not sure tonight will be the night ! The only one that must have had a tougher night than the others is Zack in goals .This sure is not an easy game to tend and most goalers will tell you that they`d rather face 40 shots than having the ice still wet in their zone... Definitely one of the fastest team i have seen from Canada.