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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-19 11:03:51)
    Sent to play the weekend`two games. Needs play time badly. Practice makes perfect but in hockey one needs to sharpen reflexes in unpredictable situations. No word on any recall yet.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-19 10:59:10)
    Do not think we will see Tangradi in the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge soon. Tokarski needs to play...badly. Have not been impressed by his game but then again was not in favor of keeping him over Budaj so.... But fair is fair ,real game situations are not the same as practices situations so good move to send him play a few games.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-19 10:56:03)
    Tangradi and Tokarski sent down to Hamilton. Obvious for one excellent for the other. No further detail if there are recalls yet though..
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-19 08:29:49)
    Have to agree with you DDO. I hope that it`s clear to everybody now. If i was not shocked to see Andrighetto being sent back down because you do not play a guy like him on a 4 th line, i just cannot see how it is preferable to have Tangradi in the lineup. He really does come as advertised. Looks solid and strong but just can`t deserve to stay in an NHL lineup.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-19 08:25:01)
    Not really enthousiastic after yesterday`s game and about the game...A nice ceremony,maybe a tad too long but well deserved. On the positive side, the Habs could keep up with the Ducks but that`s about the only uplifting thing i have seen. It was said by Pierre Houde that there was close to 80 face-offs in the game and against a team like Anaheim this is way too much. You need to find a way to impose your rythm and fight speed with speed. With that many play stoppages the Habs were never really able to get out of the bottle that was so well applied by Boudreau`s big players. As much as i did not have all the usual attention to the game maybe because of the lenghty ceremony, the Habs never looked as if the were taking over if not for a short stint in the 2 nd period. An off night for P.K. yesterday,seemed late on everything,Tangradi was ... in an other league but to his credit he worked hard all night long but just could not keep up. Will not even risk to talk about the hit on Max Pac. We need to add a 5 th ref ,and then a 6 th one and then...maybe then we will face the real issue... The Final score really tells the whole story.Not by that much but the best team won...yesterday.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Ducks edge Canadiens on Saku Night (2014-12-18 17:58:38)
    My vote is also 3. Does not make him a lesser man, a lesser athlete and i more than enjoyed his years in MTL .While we are still mourning the loss of a class act , Saku is also a man of high standards and values of his own.
  • Comment on A letter from the BĂ©liveau family (2014-12-18 13:20:16)
    I have a hard time understanding your reaction although you are not alone to think like that and that if the guy is doing well he should get the chance but from the day he was called up it was written in the sky that he was going back down no matter what. He is but just a kid and needs Hamilton more than he thinks. At a certain point the Habs are lucky to have kids like that that contribute as they should but the big team is not a revolving door letting go old players so new ones can join in. There is a roster that needs to be kept as is for it to develop a deeper chemistry .
  • Comment on A letter from the BĂ©liveau family (2014-12-18 11:41:15)
    This is where and when the the Habs show their class and unique character. Of course the Toronto Sports Network have a hard time admitting that even after all these decades of existence their teams have nothing to show for . The Habs organization seem to raise the ante every time they are expected to show class and recognition towards people and events. The Beliveau hommage was probably the most tricky of them all for it to be at the same level of respect le gros Bill deserved. You took the perfect word to express how i felt afterwards. Bullseye ! I felt as if this beautiful familly really shared part of their grief with us , thus being relieved of part of their pain. It`s the least we could do and to be honest we also needed to share our pain ...
  • Comment on Saku Koivu expects ‘awesome, emotional’ Bell Centre tribute (2014-12-18 09:52:35)
    It`s actually the first time i watch the panel broadcasting and found as you said well done by mister Cowan and quite entertaining. Oh ! Almost forgot, i also looked at it to see Jess but it`s another story and as my nickname says, i guess it`s just me ! lol
  • Comment on Saku Koivu expects ‘awesome, emotional’ Bell Centre tribute (2014-12-18 09:47:46)
    I have been itching to talk about the topic but since the poll question is about it then i am O.K. to do so ! I am at an age when i`d rather have a few years go by before giving my final answer on whether to retire Saku`s number 11 of not. For now, i think that it`s a generation thing. Younger fans have never seen any better captain so they don`t even think twice about it. I have seen many more important captains in the Habs great book of legends. Some younger kids look at classic games and find the game slower,the goalies weaker even though their equipment is rather thinner than basic. They then wonder what was so great about those legends. Of course we cannot compare the game back then with today`s game if not to say that only the best of the best will be recognized as legends in wich Saku is only outside looking in in my book. That is where i need time to think about it. Saku was and is a classy inspirational human being . I just do not know how everything that happened on and off the ice is relevant about him seeing his jersey retired. I know that he was year in year out within the best of his pod but we know that he was part of a weak pod so what is it worth really ? Personnaly, and i have written it here before when the Habs retired Guy Lapointe`s number 5 jersey ,i think that in our lifetime we will not see any more numbers retired. Honoured maybe but not retired. This era is long gone and although i hope that some players will re-write the record book with the Habs i doubt that they will be considered as builders and gems. The era of those exceptionnal athletes is gone because there are too many teams now ,the schedule is beyond crazy and the player`s do not really care about playing with the same team anymore. Saku sure does deserve our respect and if not the honor itself ,at least a proper time lapse for us not to take the decision too lightly.