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  • Comment on Best wishes from HIO to young Habs fan battling meningitis (2014-07-29 12:22:58)
    Go Alex go ! You get well soon and fast now ! Best vibes to you to mom and dad !
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-28 19:33:30)
    I think that 3 kids will fight for 2 jobs. Pateryn,Beaulieu and Tinordi. I have a lot of respect for the Cube wich i rooted for from his first day in the league up until the last game of last season but now is the time to turn the page for the Habs. They will have a good season but will struggle to have an as good a season as the last one so it`s the perfect time to blend in new blood. I would rather suffer the few errors now than wasting any more time to have them graduate and give them their chance to make it.
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-28 17:07:22)
    Budget wise, i like the way Bergevin handles things.Plenty of space to deal with P.K. and will have some left ! Capgeek is a cool place to visit at this time of the year to see what is coming up... The Bucking Fruins will have choices to make. Already over budget and 3 players to sign . Tampa also has to make choices to cut the payroll and probably will have to let go those not delt with. But how about those Flyers ! 3 millions over budget and still players hoping for new deals ! Maple Laughs are doing O.K. i guess if you do not mind having 9 fourth line players in your roster... Congratulations goes towards the Islanders who will give Alexey Yashin one last year buyout..How long has is been ? Seems like they have been paying for decades ! Sad Senators who just do not want to pay and have a top notch team .
  • Comment on Subban mum on contract talks during appearance at Canadian Open (2014-07-27 10:12:30)
    O.K. Here it is. Can we stop with the offer sheet crap ? First you are all scared about the Habs getting one for P.K. and now you would like the Habs to do the same dirty trick ? How many offer sheets do we see in a DECADE ? 1 ? Maybe 2 ? So why would the Habs go in that path when we know that they are not the type of team to do those kind of moves. And if i understand correctly , this move would only be done with the intention of pissing the opponent ? Wasted comments here guys...
  • Comment on Eller agrees to four-year, $14-million deal with Habs (2014-07-24 18:08:10)
    Forwards Tomas Plekanec - $5 million Max Pacioretty - $4.5 million P-A Parenteau - $4 million David Desharnais - $3.5 million Lars Eller - $3.5 million Rene Bourque - $3.33 million Brandon Prust - $2.5 million Travis Moen - $1.85 million Dale Weise - $1.025 million Alex Galchenyuk - $925,000 Jiri Sekac - $925,000 Manny Malhotra - $850,000 Brendan Gallagher - $685,000 Michael Bournival - $660,000 Defence Andrei Markov - $5.75 million Alexei Emelin - $4.1 million Tom Gilbert - $2.8 million Mike Weaver - $1.75 million Nathan Beaulieu - $925,000 Jarred Tinordi - $870,000 PK Subban - RFA Goaltending Carey Price - $6.5 million Peter Budaj - $1.4 million Players signed: 23 2014-15 Cap Ceiling: $69 million Cap Hit Remaining: $11.65 million I think the Habs can manage with that .MB has shown that he can deal with cap space and have enough if a move is needed when it`s trade deadline. Expect moves to be made by then or maybe not. The Habs took the youth movement and it will take a year or two to make all the necessary adjustments. I like what we have in the farm team although they may not be NHL caliber and never can but still it does look like we will be able to trade away a few assets with the feeling of having decent replacements.
  • Comment on Eller agrees to four-year, $14-million deal with Habs (2014-07-24 15:42:49)
    That is about what i figured he would get. Thought it would be something like 3 years 10 mill . I doubt that what was said about his demands and the Habs offer are true but i guess that this is the negociation game and dollar values flies around like crazy. Whatever i thought he was worth has no importance in the final outcome anyway since this is the compare with this guy startegy and if he is worth that much then... I am happy that he stays with us although he still needs to find his exact place on the roster but now with Gionta gone, he gets to take a place that will put forward his talents on both sides of the ice. A hard worker, one of the best Habs during the past playoffs.
  • Comment on Leaving Habs was ‘family decision’ for Brisebois (2014-07-23 19:12:55)
    Been droping by reading a few comments but staying away from writing wich in my book at this stage is either repeating old stuff or pure hallucinations. But today i felt i had to write on a few subjects. What the hell is wrong with Toronto`s medias ? 2 years left on Stamkos deal and they are sure he is going to be a Leaf when it`s done ? That should show you how sometimes we really do not make any sense and look like total (add whatever foul word you want here)... If i were in a pro hockey player`s position once my carreer is done on the ice i would do exactly like Brisebois and spend those precious years with the kids and wife. Would come back later on but when you are young and healthy and financially spoiled why not ? So it`s not because of Therrien after all !! (barely hidden sarcasm) D.D. is not going anywhere soon. Deal with it. Like this Sherback kid. Saw his highlights reel from last season in WHL on youtube and really like his style, likes to go in traffic and in the crease. But he is a kid ! Will get his 9 nine games trial and will be sent back in WHL. This is where Brisebois and Lapointe usually stepped in to make sure that this precious energy is well spent and that the kid aims high and who knows ? But i think that the not so hidden card anymore is the Sekac guy. I think he will get the gig . Will be back to comment when Larry and P.K. get their deals done. Enjoy summer everyone !
  • Comment on Brisebois leaving job as Habs player development coach (2014-07-18 08:04:02)
    We are all sending you healthy vibes and saying a special prayer for a positive day and outcome for your familly.
  • Comment on Brisebois leaving job as Habs player development coach (2014-07-17 19:51:46)
    Sad to see Brisebois go , an all around good guy , CH for life. More so than Gallant`s position this one really really needs to be filled because there is such a huge step between AHL nd NHL on and off the ice that this is the wisest investment a professionnal team can do. Don`t get me wrong Gallant also needs to be replaced and it will probably serve a positive purpose although it was sad to see him go too. Brisebois leaves at a key timing in Hamilton`s new management`s input when lots of new faces will be seen on the ice. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do !
  • Comment on Fans pack Bell Sports Complex to watch final scrimmage at development camp (2014-07-14 09:57:19)
    I am getting older and wiser...well sometimes. I often read comments and choose not to reply even if the comment makes no sense and shocks me. Everyone has their own opinion and whatever i write will not change people so...i usually go on and change website... But today i know that it will not change anything and i understand all about that fantasy stuff but i just cannot believe that you guys would comment for 24 hours !!! on a trade that makes no sense, issued from a guy that is a known fraud ! Come on ! We are better than this are we ? Don`t answer... Have a nice day guys !