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  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-27 05:09:34)
    Darn new job makes me miss most of the weekday`s games...until i get PVR eventually i guess... Great to see us on top and keeping the pace as much as putting distance with our rivals while still having on hand games. Man ! The difference is that our team is super strong on the road when it should actually be a tad more difficult. Markov and Subban and the rest of the D-squad (like them or not) are number 1 in the league. Max is my captain. So Jagr really loves us ! Good deal for the Panthers if it helps them get rid of the bucking Fruins. But both the Bruins,Panthers and Flyers are missing golden opportunities in that race for the 8 th place in the conference. Surprising succes by Shanahan moving Clarkson. But could we please focus on the Habs being the best canadian team TSN ? (wishfull thinking). For this to be a successfull rebuild ,this Laughable team should be stripped down to the bare essential and meanwhile at the other end of the 401 a great story is being written... How about that rumor involving Michalek and McCarron ? Not with a 10 foot pole ! The best trades are often the ones you do not make. I trust MB.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-25 10:34:54)
    What a sniper ! When he was acquired by the Habs just by listening to him, his words about the organization and it`s legends you could feel that he was all about hockey. Just was here at the wrong time and honestly such a high maintenance athlete so would not fit in the present environment. Let`s not make moves that have us come back in time and look forward to new players and events.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-25 07:50:44)
    I am starting to think that we overrate the Blues. Everytime it`s the same thing . We are almost scared to play against them but turn out more than fine.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-25 07:25:32)
    Not impressed by the Blues yesterday. Great energy game by the Habs though ! Were on top of things all night long (almost). Tricky poll question. Do i agree with the trade ? I do not but what do i know ? I like the gambling side of MB who is not afraid to pull the trigger to fill in the weaknesses of the team. Still believe Sekac should do good one day. Should is the key word here. Why do i have the feeling we do not know everything about that story ? Did he get the time/chance he deserved ? Why were so many teams after him ? Why was the trigger pulled after such a short period /chance to make it ? Usually a rookie gets quite a few more games...I understand that you have to give something good to get something worth while but he seemed to have a promissing future with more skills and talent than most...Ah well...I will settle with Sherback then... In Marc in trust i guess !
  • Comment on Habs trade Jiri Sekac to Anaheim for Devante Smith-Pelly (2015-02-24 10:56:08)
    There must be something we do not know. I hear good things about Smith-Pelley but if there was one player i thought would not be traded soon it was Sekac. I thought he needed time to adjust to the NHL at least until next season. Still does not explain why so many teams were after him... I trust Bergevin but am in shock...
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-22 10:28:54)
    At least 2 years away. Probably 3.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-22 10:28:03)
    Totally agree with your comment. As soon as a kid gets his chance and does well, then it`s a revolving door. Out should go the veteran whatever happens with the kids in a few days. I do think DLR is doing well but i call for patience and will not be sad or mad if he is sent back in Hamilton later on because this is where he belongs. Still i am impressed with his vision and his size. Remains to be seen whether he can keep it up on an 82 game schedule. How often do we hear the word consistency when it comes to the rookies. This is the main step needed to be taken. DLR figures well on the depth chart of the team and i think he deserves one day to have his chance to shine. He needs time, the same time we gave Beaulieu and are soooo happy to have done so...
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-22 07:03:43)
    Wrote a long comment on Nathan and the rookies. Forgot to copy before submiting and now in the twilight...ah well ! Basically said that i am happy that N8 gets to be noticed for what talent he had when he was in the Q . We tend to forget that he was a first round draft choice for the Habs in 2011,17 th overall. I personnaly was surprised and amazed that he was still available when our selection came up. Best player outside the top 10 . I do not mind him being rough around the edges if we get to enjoy his unique offensive instinct . He is a top 4 d-man and might just be the top 3 guy we need. As a matter of fact, the d-squad we saw yesterday might just be a vision of a near future for the Habs. Just be patient. I like what we have brewing in the farm system both up front and in defense. Should keep us contending for a while.
  • Comment on Blue Jackets vs. Canadiens preview: Galchenyuk out with the flu (2015-02-20 16:22:55)
    1-True 2-False overblown by medias 3-True but did said i trusted management anyway 4-true much more than cheap shots 5-false never were really up to par...the Bruins that is...
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-20 10:03:34)
    The Therrien bashing is such a broken record and an easy way out instead of really looking for the proper place where to dump the garbages... I find it funny when i read comments that relates to his missuse of young players or him not trusting them. I think i have not seen any coach in recent Habs history playing kids more that him. Tinordi,Beaulieu,Sekac,Pateryn,Andrighetto,Thomas,DLR and i am missing some and others that are regular but just not rookies anymore. Oh yes but it`s the way he uses them ! Ya and if he did use them any differently some would still find some other reason to bash.And it`a a well known fact that Therrien acts alone and is the only one making the decisions... Of course you understand that the team being within the leaders in the league since day one does not mean anything . We need to find bugs. That makes us connaisseurs! Never mind the kid is 18 and should be playing in the american league, Mtl should act as a revolving door and every two weeks add a kid on the first line and dump the veterans that had not scored in two games...This is not the way you build a team. Ah yes ! A good old rant. If the shoe fits please wear it ! Have a nice day !