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  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-01 02:03:35)
    Nice! Thought Pateryn played well and JDLR is really something - Kadri was running around like and idiot and he hit him hard back. I'm thinking why change the chemistry - Id stand pat. Can't wait til McCarron and Scherbak are fully baked. Gotta love having a competent GM Maybe we could get Petry for like. Thomas or Andrighetto and a low round pick? Gilbert looked good too
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens head west riding four Ws (2015-02-28 19:04:45)
    Welcome Alex!! Hope you enjoyed meeting Bozon!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-26 23:41:39)
    Fucale is not tearing it up at all - he's been under .900 all year. Why do anything now? When Gonch comes back - were definitely ok and we are first overall. Eller looked much better tonight and was huge in last years playoffs - worth one more playoff run. I would do petry for Gilbert and fucale tho. They keep winning and are playing well - hopefully they rest price a bit soon so he's 100% for playoffs. Last point - last two games Prust has been much improved.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-20 07:19:51)
    Watching that game - how in the world do you ever sit Sekac? Speed size and 200 foot game ( see amazing back check ). Love Sekac w Pleks - just missing Andrighetto And these are the reasons Therrien is so frustrating. This league had goalies who make coaches look good and goalies who make them look bad. I've always been an Eller fan but his lack of production really is starting to hurt. Watching Tinordi skate for a 6'6 guy makes me drool. Sure he bobbles the puck from time to time but he balances out our soft D - he's exactly what we need. What's the problem is you can expect zero offense from Eller manny bourival - that's a whole line Why not give Hudon a taste - pure scorer. Two years were really good w Scherbak and MacCarron in the mix along w JDLR If I was MB - wouldn't bother w the crap UFAs this ur - keep your picks and be good for a longtime
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-09 00:39:16)
    Last two games Habs much more physical - nice to see Thought Gilbert and emelin played much better too. Kudos - helluva game I'd still really like to see Sekac in top 6 - and maybe Andrighetto back too
  • Comment on Pat Hickey: Habs don’t need Evander Kane (2015-02-06 20:39:13)
    Watching Sekac skate against Sabres - why not try him on top line? It's just cruel to put him w manny
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win 6-4 scoring extravaganza (2015-01-17 22:56:26)
    I guess NYI were a bit tired but habs were passing beautifully tonite. Much more engaged and smart w the puck. PK was so much better - Markov was fantasies and N8 should never go back down. Thought the 4th line was excellent and is it me or does Bournival 99% of the time make the right play??? Prust was very good too - I don't know what happened but whole te played much better Please leave lines alone for a bit?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win 6-4 scoring extravaganza (2015-01-17 22:52:29)
    Romaniuk is great - he had laryngitis - could barley talk.
  • Comment on Liveblog: The road W streak ends ugly (2015-01-16 06:36:01)
    Timo Gotta include Paccioretty. Fact is - it's not a very satisfying team to watch - Galchenyuk got smoked again to no response. Therriens blender approach just seems so random. Guys have no time to gel. But clearly the plan is to play scared - don't take time to make a breakout pass - flip it or smack it on the boards, don't make a hit cause you might be out of position and don't give a line more than two shifts to gel. Or a kid like Sven comes up and averages a point a game ( small sample but) w Pleks and immediately goes to 4th line. He's not a 4th line player. Neither is PAP - but he's not a 1st,2nd or 3rd either. He should just be like a field goal kicker - shoot outs only. It's not satisfying bc they don't do breakout passes at all anymore not stretch passes. It's not satisfying bc they do not hit - like at all. If emelin doesn't want to hit - he needs to be in the stands. The evidence points to this coach's lack of intelligence is being covered by Carey Price and Max. For now we are ok - in two three weeks we will be middle of the pack which is fine Issue is the farm is not full of sand nor size. MB still has work to do - I just can't see how such a soft team Will get it done in the playoffs.
  • Comment on Liveblog: The road W streak ends ugly (2015-01-15 22:57:22)
    Who's a better GM?? He hasn't been here that long and has drafted well. He got rid of a lot of garbage. And he's cool. MT - I'm with you - tell Bylsma to take French lessons.