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  • Comment on Gorges speaks out at NHLPA meeting (2012-08-23 00:28:12)
    Was just looking at the roster and it is pretty deep with veterans. Usually last place teams can expect some competition at camp but the Habs roster is pretty much set. Where do our bright young stars like Weber, Geoffrion, Pelushaj, Leblanc, and Diaz fit on such a deep team?
  • Comment on Gorges speaks out at NHLPA meeting (2012-08-22 23:39:44)
    70 percent of habs fans think that they will jump 8 teams and make the playoffs this year. Numbers like that are what keep management smiling. As glad as I was to see stiffs like Kostitsyn and Camalleri go, I'm left wondering where the goals are coming from. Armstrong, Prust, Bouillon. That's how 15th has been addressed.
  • Comment on Gorges speaks out at NHLPA meeting (2012-08-22 23:15:15)
    When you are factoring in that it was a 28th place team, don't forget that he was a part of it.
  • Comment on Gorges speaks out at NHLPA meeting (2012-08-22 23:14:08)
    Bath salts.
  • Comment on Gorges speaks out at NHLPA meeting (2012-08-22 23:13:41)
    Bath salts
  • Comment on Gorges speaks out at NHLPA meeting (2012-08-22 23:01:04)
    A lot of crazy talk going on about Subban. Sure he got involved in numerous altercations with his own teammates. And we all know about the turtling. And the stupid penalty after stupid penalty. Penalty minutes are alright if they are roughing or helping out the cause, but his arent those. He has some flash and some skills, but it's pretty funny to see his name mentioned with Doughty and Weber. Keep it sane Bergevin, don't listen to the hype like you did with Price. He's a nice little defenseman with some promise. 40 point guy maybe if he keeps abandoning defense. Get you 40, cost you 20. Go Habs Go
  • Comment on Celebrating Toe Blake, born 100 years ago today (2012-08-21 18:20:02)
    To assume that we would have a healthy Markov demonstrates almost shocking stupidity and disturbing lack of sense.
  • Comment on Carey Price gets engaged (2012-08-21 09:38:44)
    Plus all of those Molson Cups. Oh the life of a legend.
  • Comment on THN predicts Habs will finish in 13th place (2012-08-20 10:36:22)
    That's a very bold prediction. I guess if everything goes perfectly they can jump two spots. They did sign two 4th line grinders sending a clear message to the fans that finishing last will not be tolerated. They are still solid down the middle starting with little warriors Desharnais and Plekanec. Bouillon solves any problems there might have been on the blue line, I don't think Price will have to worry about much traffic now Price is only in his 6th year, he's just a baby, he's going to be a great one. There are no rookies expected to make the jump this year but maybe Leblanc, Geoffrion, Pelushaj, and Weber are ready to break out as promised. Sure 13th looks like a foolish statement right now, but if you get a few bounces, you never know. This isn't the time to be pessimistic
  • Comment on Is Doan ready to make a move? (2012-08-01 02:07:49)
    It would be great if they added Doan but it looks as though the most complacent fan base in hockey is satisfied without crazy moves like that. Teams who had a real shot at the cup last year landed big name players and the Habs, who finished last in the east, got a couple of grinders for the bottom lines, and a 48 year old midget defenseman. Hey but Markov will be healthy and play just like he did a few years back. Hey but there isn't a single player projected to make the jump from the minors this year. That just shows how deep we are. Hey but Carey Price is ready to bust out. Just you wait and see, it's coming. The defense is shite, small and frail. The top two centers are still Plekanec and Desharnais give me a break. Neither was addressed unless something is still coming. As for the talk about the team being tougher, they are, but hardly tough. They were the rest of the league's bitch before, they addressed it slightly. This will be another year of talking about all our prospects.