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  • Comment on Multimedia: HIO at practice (2011-12-05 12:17:04)
    last year the team was ranked 8th in 5 on 5 play. this year it is ranked 16th. this team has gone from outscoring to tying the opposition at even strength No you have it opposite - if you look at 5 on 5 for and against the Habs were 16th last year (with a 1.01 - score 1.01 goals for every goal scored against them) this year they are 8th in the league (with a 1.12) and they are in spitting distance from 6th in the league (Phi with 1.15). The difference this year is a 26th ranked powerplay vs 7th or so (off the top of my head) last year. And last year if you remember the PP was in the bottom 10 for a long stretch to start the season. I really want to see what this team can do when they are healthy. PP aside this is the strongest team (looking at numbers and watching the play) that I've seen since the year they finished first in the EC. Aside from a few stinkers the vast majority of the losses were games the Habs were in and either played with or outplayed the opposition. Puck luck, health, and PP are the issues no matter how much people want to complain about Martin, Markov or Gomez. Regards, skinniks