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  • Comment on Over to you, Shanny (2011-12-05 01:54:11)
    how can the habs or gainey be considered mediocrity...since the 2003/2004 season ( gainey's first ) the habs have missed the playoffs once..2005/06: koivu gets hurt or maybe the habs go to the finals... 2007/08 lose in the 2nd round ...2009/10 beat OV and Sid the Kid and 2010/11 lose in game 7 to a Hot Tim Thomas is Bob Gainey a stooge...Wake up hab fans they will NOT win the cup every year...those days ended in the 70's...just make the playoffs... that is the best chance for any team to win the cup ....AND THEY HAVE DONE THAT
  • Comment on Leblanc stays, Palushaj to Hamilton (2011-12-05 01:15:27)
    We all wish Gomez was out but he did have a decent playoff run a couple of years ago...only the money he makes is the issue...if he made less money who would care...and before the habs got Gomez what free agent wanted to come to montreal...cammy/gianta and now cole are good additions...I am more dissappointed in who the habs missed out in the draft the last few years .....Gomez can help this team as long if he plays his game and not stress over the expectation brought on by the money he makes.