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  • Comment on Sunday argument-starter (2011-12-11 09:10:13)
    Diaz would be my choice to sit, be traded or be sent down. I don't think the Canadiens are done with trades. Emelin is one player on this team that actually hits and we need a Boom to Boom, and hopefully KA-BOOM will be a great pair. Emelin offers more, is stronger, and I feel has a better upside. Bill mentioned wanting to see Weber back on point... are you kidding me. He has been terrible on the defensive end of his game. "I MISS 1993" -WNYHABFAN
  • Comment on Canadiens eat into shopping time (2011-12-10 08:40:09)
    Sat 1PM game is fine unless the Habs play like a pack of Walmart shoppers on opening of Black Friday. "I MISS 1993"
  • Comment on Audio: Blueline swap brings Kaberle in deal for Spacek (2011-12-10 08:32:02)
    I think intial reaction is expected to be negative with this trade. Take the financials out of it, and compare this years production between TK and Spacio even except for the -12 for TK. Look at years prior and TK has pretty much doubled Spacio's production.... TK appears to be a gain. 37 years old 33 years old, OK again an appeared gain. I use appears because lets see how this ends, it hasn't even started yet. Last night Spacio had 2 A and was a +1, Carolina lost 4-2 Both are reported to be great in the dressing room but, Spacio loud and fun, TK more to himself..... This is a minus The financials: Having 4.25 Mill on the books for 2 additional years, while trying to sign young talent with other terrible contracts will be tough, but I do not think the HABS are done with trades.... that is a scarey thought and possibly good news. Feb 27th 3PM will tell us. Hey, look at the positive we didn't give up the future with Spacio. I also must think (Hope) if Gomez continues to slump when he returns he will be sent to Hamilton to free some cap. With all that said, I have no faith in Management, Mr. Gauthier needs to go..... with the storied history, fan base, and money making machine that the Canadiens are we need and deserve better. Too Bad Mr. Molson didn't need the Canadiens to be successful for his financial security then perhaps he would be rightly alarmed as the majority of his fan base. On to the Coach, I have respect for Mr. Martin but becoming less of a fan each and everyday. Sure injuries have killed us, the terrible contracts have us in gridlock, but I do not think he could inspire a group retreat of AARP attendees (CARP for my Northernly Neighbors). TK had better play today... come on boys wake up and play to the respect that jersey you wear deserves!!! "I MISS 1993" - WNYHABFAN
  • Comment on Leblanc stays, Palushaj to Hamilton (2011-12-04 17:54:52)
    Leblanc deserves a few starts at the Bell Centre, I bet his nerves are going to be swinging in his stomach Tuesday evening! I hope to see him in the 3rd line for development time, otherwise Hamilton would be better long term.