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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-14 17:08:03)
    The same people calling for Price's head after every bad goal are probably people who wanted Roy traded after he got shlacked 9-0 against the Wings.. and then went "OH NOOOO" after he won two more cups with the Avs and set Montreal back for years to come. People in here have short memories about their player opinions once they start doing well (and they usually do). I read the comments in here a lot and most of them/close to all of them are pretty negative. When Subban has his "contract dispute" a lot of people in here wanted to trade him, called him overrated, said the fans hated him, etc... Now he's part of the Norris conversation this year. Really shows what people in here know about hockey sometimes.
  • Comment on RFA White signs; Galchenyuk headlines development camp (2012-06-26 22:42:41)
    Agreed with the Eventual Overpaid Bust. I could get at least 40 points a year playing with Johnny T and M Moulson.
  • Comment on RFA White signs; Galchenyuk headlines development camp (2012-06-26 21:46:42)
    ....and why not? it's not like we don't have money to spend for any of them.
  • Comment on RFA White signs; Galchenyuk headlines development camp (2012-06-26 17:40:26)
    Bourque, just from what I saw last year, is not consistent enough to be a second line player. He'd fill the third line hole with Eller and Louis. Bergevin should go and try to get Semin/Jagr for the second line. PS. Don't bring back Darche. We do know what he brings, and it's terrible.
  • Comment on RFA White signs; Galchenyuk headlines development camp (2012-06-26 15:40:03)
    I say he plays 1 year of junior this year and then he's with the Habs in 2013-2014 (Huberdeau route). He's that kind of player.
  • Comment on RFA White signs; Galchenyuk headlines development camp (2012-06-26 15:37:10)
    I never said DD was overrated, I said he's being overvalued right now amidst all of these "we have to trade one center soon!" discussions. I'm not trying to take credit away from Desharnais, I'm trying to establish some reality about him. He played with our two best players last year. He played top minutes a night (and I mean top, surprised RC didn't play them the whole game some nights), including #1 powerplay, line, etc. Both players he played with had career years; yes, part of that was because of DD but part of it also had to do with each other as well. Do you think Patches puts up the same numbers with another winger other than Cole on his line? I'd say no. Does he with, let's say, Eller or Pleks, playing in the middle of them? IN MY OPINION, I say it's possible he does. I just hate how everybody is always about "what have you done for me lately?" and with us Habs fans "lately" usually means "last year". Well last year we finished 15th in the GD conference. Players develop, players falter, etc. That's why it peeves me off when I see leaf fans claiming Jake Gardiner's "the next big thing" on their blueline when he's only had one good year (and it was his rookie year, no less. Sophomore slump, anyone?) Wait until next year. If DD "proves me wrong", then I will be MORE than happy to eat crow, sit back, and enjoy the show. Until then, Plekanec has been here longer and has done more collectively than Desharnais has, career year or not.
  • Comment on RFA White signs; Galchenyuk headlines development camp (2012-06-26 14:06:08)
    DD is a good player no doubt, but he's way overvalued from last year. The guys had one good year (playing on a stacked line, but i digress) and people are willing to dump Pleks like he never existed. Wait until next year before you do anything. If, when it's all said and done, DD has outperformed Pleks again and still looks better than Eller, only then would I consider trading Pleks. I personally don't see it, but I've been wrong before and stranger things have happened.
  • Comment on RFA White signs; Galchenyuk headlines development camp (2012-06-26 13:53:07)
    The most Galchenyuk should get with the big club next year is a 9 game try-out, if that. He missed an entire year of development last year. Let him retain his confidence and swagger by tearing up the OHL/World Juniors and then he'll be a shoe in the year after to make Les Canadiens, no AHL needed.
  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-06 17:05:12)
    All of you guys calling me insane and all this refuse to look at the big picture at all. This is why the Habs suck. We complain about all this stuff; how small we are, how we've been missing that "elusive #1 centre" for years now. Now we finally have a chance to get one, and you guys won't even give up a 5'7 2nd line centre (which we currently have THREE of, by the way). We just expect all this to fall in our lap and give up nothing or nobody's that clearly, no other team is going to want if we don't want them. Ex. Weber, Diaz, BOTTOM SIX WINGERS (Lol) I'm not knocking Desharnais, the guy can play. But my point is, Gally right now is said to be the only other superstar coming out of this draft class besides Yakupov. It's not "moving up one position", it's moving up one class of player all together from Forsberg to Galchenyuk. You're moving up from a player who's ceiling is supposively 80 points or so (pretty good) to an all class franchise player, who will be the blue chip, #1 centre you've wanted so bad. The only other example I can think of right now of doing something like this is, for any Jays fans out there, Alex Anthopolous trading Shaun Marcum for Brett Lawrie. Marcum was the Jays ace at the time and a really good pitcher ON HIS TEAM (like DD is on ours). But Lawrie has world class potential, and would be a superstar on any team in the league. Yes, it hurt giving up one of the team's top players at the time, but I can tell you that Jays fans don't even know who Marcum is anymore. No pain, no gain. Enough said.
  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-06 14:37:12)
    And why not, if you have an opportunity to make your team better in the long run? I don't think Marc Bergevin really cares how fans are going to react to his moves (obviously, after yesterdays hire) and I commend him for it. The minute you start hesitating to make moves just because of how you think the fans are going to react is the minute you stop being a good GM. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn't but just because a player can speak french doesn't mean he shouldn't be dealt if he's expendable.