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Reid Rusonik

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  • Comment on Audio: Blueline swap brings Kaberle in deal for Spacek (2011-12-09 21:45:16)
    This trade has great upside where the only possible downside is two years carrying an overpaid fifth or sixth defencemen. In terms of this year, it's at worse a wash as Spacek was paid approximately the same to be a fifth or sixth defencemen. It's an improvement for the rest of this year simply if Kaberle is healthy because Spacek was out of the line-up more than he was in. Then there is the fact Kaberle cannot help but be better offensively this year. If Kaberle can ignite the power play, it could save the whole season and nothing Spacek was going to do could do that. And if Kaberle can ignite the powerplay, imagine what it will be like to have him AND Markov on the powerplay, either paired together or each quarterbacking a wave on the powerplay. If Kaberle is no longer a top four defenceman, we'll simply be overpaying for a fifth or sixth one for a couple of years or he could be demoted and written-off. That potential cost pales in comparison to the cost to ownership of not making the playoffs this year. Kaberle could make that difference, Spacek can't, and there's no one else out there available who could where the price would only be Spacek. We need to ignite the powerplay now. It will be too late when Markov gets back. This trade is a sensible attempt. Reid Rusonik
  • Comment on About this afternoon … with audio (2011-12-04 02:34:10)
    By way of fair disclosure, I agree with Mr. Boone's political slant as far as I can deterimine it from his occasional political remarks, but I don't think there is anything wrong with a site about the Canadiens taking playful swipes at political figures who are something less than egalitarian. When the Canadiens became something so much more than simply a hockey team, their core was made-up of players who came from the working class and didn't forget it--Maurice Richard, Jacques Plante, Doug Harvey--and were heroes for it. Regardless of its ownership, the team belonged to Montreal's poor and working poor while the Leafs, for example, have always been a 'private box' institution. The Leafs have always won for someone's entertainment; the Canadiens have always seemed to win as a reason for the average guy to still hope that things can be better, that anything's possible and as confirmation that supreme elegance can be achieved by working together.