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  • Comment on Happy 65th birthday to Ken Dryden (2012-08-08 15:54:46)
    Everyone has to play right handed sticks, there are no left-handed sticks. Also you can only use your forehand part of the stick, no backhanders. You can kick the ball or touch it with anything other than your stick. They have a shooting box in front of the net, that is the only place you are allowed to score from. If you are on defense and the ball accidentally hits your foot, it's a penalty shot for the other team. The ball is actually really heavy, it's the weight of a cricket ball and I think the stick doesn't flex too much, so you really gotta get your whole body into a swing. The field is soaked to keep the ball wet and prevent it from bouncing. I have a friend who plays on the USA Olympic team. She came out to play some ball hockey with us, their hand eye is amazing and every shot she made hit a corner, they are amazing athletes. Now enjoy field hockey all =).
  • Comment on Profs give Therrien passing grade (2012-07-04 15:59:44)
    Just a thought for those of us who are impressed/jealous/bitter of the Wild signings. Parise and Suter both took a slight discount to join the Wild (or the fact that they chose the Wild out of all the other closer to contending teams) probably because Parise is Minnesotan born and raised and Suter is from nearby Wisconsin and his wife is from Minnesota. When was the last time a Quebec player took a discount to play in Montreal? Brisebois? My point is, we need to indoctrinate our youth better! Brainwash them see only the Habs as THE ONLY team worthy for their talents! All kidding aside, I'm happy for the Wild, they have a good fan base, they spent years losing players to other teams, now finally, some homegrown kids are coming back to make them proud!
  • Comment on Rangers win in triple-OT, Nashville bounces back (2012-05-03 03:18:51)
    He was talking about his childhood playing hockey, how his parents watched him play. How they both died when he was young and how when he won the cup he brought it to their grave.
  • Comment on Unlikely hero Neil pulls Senators even with Rangers (2012-04-16 03:20:23)
    Giroux was 160 lbs at draft time. He thought the Habs were going to draft him, but we passed on him and when Flyers GM Holmgren went up, he forgot Giroux's name when he was calling out his pick. Talk about under rated lol.
  • Comment on Canadiens should get a good one at three (2012-04-10 22:19:24)
    You say I can't make any statements about Yakupov because he's not in the NHL (I agree, I was just saying his playing style is like Bure's, speed), but you already slot Grigs in as the superior alternative to Plecs, who, last time I checked has played in the NHL while Grigs hasn't. They are all prospects, slotting them in over any NHL player on our roster, even the Campolis and Gomez's is silly. You hedge your bet but there's a huge chance that even a high pick will end up as a career minor leaguer or out of hockey.
  • Comment on Canadiens should get a good one at three (2012-04-10 22:12:21)
    Drafting Yakupov and Galchenyuk as teammates would be awesome. BUT would you take a 2nd round pick and Kaberle, Diaz, Weber, Bourque (hell let's throw them all in) for our 1st? Even PG wouldn't do that. I doubt we have the pieces necessary to pry the pick from Edmonton or Columbus without giving up our 1st.
  • Comment on Canadiens should get a good one at three (2012-04-10 22:09:04)
    Not as long as Kevin Lowe is the President of the Oilers. Also Schenn looks terrible, even Leafs fans think his development got ruined and they are the fans who proclaimed Reimer to be their franchise goaltender.
  • Comment on Canadiens should get a good one at three (2012-04-10 22:06:05)
    I'm a big draft Galchenyuk proponent but I have to disagree. All season long we were looking for wingers to play with Plec and Eller. But I do agree franchise centers are harder to come by and more important. I think in this case you got 3 forwards, one that has an injury that wiped out his season, one that might become the next Antropov or Kozlov and one that doesn't have those 2 things and has speed that drew comparisons to Pavel Bure in some circles. You go for the safer pick.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens will draft third (2012-04-10 21:57:33)
    To the Oilers? I think Burke burned that bridge long ago in Anaheim.
  • Comment on Canadiens should get a good one at three (2012-04-10 21:51:59)
    Generally, to move up, the price is a 1st and a 2nd. I think our 1st and Nashville's 2nd would do the trick especially if Edmonton wants to draft Murray.