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  • Comment on About last night … (2012-02-14 09:32:20)
    You know what I am really looking forward to??? july 1st. We will have a new coach to complain about. new players to complain about. No Gomez to watch embarrassing a storied logo. No Ak taking every other shift off. No Subban winding up to the rafters only to attempt to put a dent in the end boards with a wildly off track shot. Just simply NO MORE HABS!!!! Never thought I would say I need a break from this team. Being 5 hours from Montreal and only being able to see them on the NHL package from Directv really makes the taste even more bitter in my mouth. I really feel bad for the people that are as diehard as a fan as i am that live in the city. they have to go through each day breathing the stench coming from the Bell Centre. Please be a nice sunny summer!! I just bought a boat!!
  • Comment on More surgery for Markov (2011-12-03 14:42:41)
    Bring back Kovalev to only play on the PP
  • Comment on More surgery for Markov (2011-12-03 14:38:36)
    Nope.. He is gonna announce the resigning of Gomez to a 5 year 55 million contract. And then reward Gomez for his hard work and dedicatiobn to the team by naming him Captian.