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  • Comment on Habs’ Subban expects arbitrator to decide on his contract (2014-08-01 14:45:43)
    It is apparent that Montreal is only looking to have a competitive team and are not concerned with winning a Stanley cup in the near future. Unless they can do it before Subban leaves in 2 years, we are looking at a long while before we get another realistic chance. If Subban walks we lose any chance, if he is traded at the deadline for picks, then it will mean another 5-7 years before we can challenge again. Given the treatment by Thierrien and now the treatment by MB, I don't think Subban feels he is wanted. At 25 he is going into his prime and he has improved every year and surpassed any and all expectations. Without Subban we would never have beaten Boston. A sad day for Habs fans, and it looks like it will be at least another 20+ years before we win again. UNless we get a rental better than Vanek, we have no chance. You can bet other GM's are getting their offer sheets ready for next year and thinking about SUbban when he is an Unrestricted FA.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-13 06:25:34)
    There is nothing ridiculous about replacing a coach who is incompetent. The constants incessant line juggling is ridiculous. The lack of character, confidence and drive from this team is the coach's responsibility. It may be too late to replace him this year, but if this team is going anywhere next year he has to go. Vanek will not resign here to play for MT, and I suspect there are few Free agents who would. This is a young team being ruined by a bad coach.
  • Comment on No changes expected to Habs lineup against Leafs (2014-03-01 15:21:55)
    Stop living in the past, your list is nice but it means nothing. Thierren is not a good coach, he has never had success at the NHL level and the team is doing well in spite of him. His treatment of players is terrible. Subban is a prime example. Rather then treat him like a child, MT should have put him back out the next shift to give him some confidence, instead he benched him. Bet that Big eyed fat walrus that outcoached him last year would not have benched Karlsson. time for Thierren to go, plane and simple. A coach should be hired for his ability not his language, if you can find a bilingual coach great, but Thierren is not the answer. He needs to go ASAP .
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-02-27 07:27:21)
    Nothing is going to happen to this team until MB decides to get rid of MT. It is now obvious to anyone who has ever seen an NHL game that MT is out of his league. IN a game that was very important in the standing the Habs did she-it!! Funny how Babcocks team came out on top. Time for Thierren to go, there is too much young talent being wasted .
  • Comment on About this afternoon … (2014-02-03 11:20:47)
    Time to fire the coach. One only has to look at Winipeg under Maurice to see the difference he has made, even the players are saying good things. MT is a terrible coach, he is lost when playing against good teams. This team is a middle of the road team that needs a couple of good players to make it elite. But first it needs a coach who can do that, it does not have that coach, who in their right mind wants to come to a Thierrien coached team?????? Get a Good Coach, Trade Markov, DD, Briere and Bourque... and get something back that can help this young team reach the next level. How much longer is MB going to keep beating the fans over the head with this team?????
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-31 06:34:59)
    I remember the joy after the Chicago win a couple of weeks ago, we are now in the same position. One good win does not a season make. It simply tells me how good this team can be if it had a good coach. While they may not be an elite team, they are a few tweaks away but the big change has to be made at the coaching level. MT is simply not good enough to lead an elite team. Get rid of him as soon as a suitable replacement comes on the market.
  • Comment on P.K. Subban in the media spotlight again at Habs practice (2014-01-10 14:41:35)
    While most people would be happy with MB, it is MT that is the problem. Benching your best player when there are points on the line is not a great strategy when every point you can get is needed. If the Canadiens were guaranteed a spot then maybe, but every point counts, and the habs are more than capable of coming from behind to at least get a point. However MT's ego got in the way. MT is MT of coaching skills, let him go as soon as a replacement can be found.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-09 07:24:11)
    So you sit the only one that can set an example of hard work???? and give more time to floaters??? Reverse psychology died in the 80's !!!Most teams give their best players more time, For MT, he gives it to his worse. MT is MT of hockey coaching skills, time to get rid of him!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-09 07:19:35)
    It's time for MT to go. The only reason the Habs are were they are is because of Carey Price and the other young talent this team has. Unfortunately, MT has been unable to consistently harness that talent. If we had a decent coach, who could deal with young players properly, we would be a much stronger team. Don't let the fact we are 7 points ahead of the pack give you illusions of grandeur. An injury to Carey Price and we are out of the playoffs. MT needs to go. As soon as a suitable replacement is available, he should be let go. He criticizes his best players yet no one takes him to task ( within the organization) for the boneheaded decisions he has made behind the bench. How long can MB keep defending him. Benching Subban for a questionable call?? It cost him any chance of winning, What did that teach Subban? It taught him MT is a terrible coach who does not have the best for his team in mind. Instead of benching him, he should have said, "get out there and show them what you are made of, make up for that penalty!!!" But no, he benches our top point getter!! and Norris Trophy Winner,
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-03 16:27:55)
    You are dreaming. Theirren is a bad coach, his decisions are hurting the team. He had a few good months last year but embarrassed himself in the playoffs, Good thing Price is playing well otherwise we would be even worse. He is not getting the best out of this team. Time to get back to reality. He'll be gone by the end of the year, so lets do it soon before the season is lost.