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  • Comment on Audio exclusive: Habs’ Gionta, Cole, Gorges on talks breakdown (2012-12-07 12:01:21)
    some of the LeafsNation people I know are very disturbed- it seems that waking up to see this shot of deranged goalie predator Gionta looking for a victim in blue and white is too much to handle for many of understanding is that any computer owned by a Leafs fan is at the end of their laneway now - for fear the image should ever be seen in their homes again..and won't somebody think about the children? and did anyone else think they would be so pumped about the upcoming WJC? c'est le but! Bob in Ottawa
  • Comment on Moishes charity dinner sells for $3,300 (2012-10-30 10:22:01)
    Hi to everyone out there, Hope we all get through this much nastier than usual storm without anything severe to report. Here in Ottawa it is a little overcast and windy....was much windier hours ago. That is quite the deep team you have posted...if you are right about the majority - and i think you are- who can tell me the last time there were 2 or more Habs on the Olympic team and who they were? C'est le but! Bob in Ottawa
  • Comment on Bergevin ‘glad’ to sign Pacioretty; Subban talks ‘cordial’ (2012-08-14 18:07:56)
    holy smokes - why so negative - we are only in August.... let's work on the positive vibes from here drifting into the dressing room and wafting down to the bench... MB has done some good work - let's see what the season brings before walking him to the gallows. c'est le but! Bob in Ottawa
  • Comment on P.K. said to reject Canadiens’ first offer (2012-08-02 10:17:50)
    FOR THE LADIES - - earlier this morning - pre-coffee state - i made a comment suggesting the bitchy whining girls(probably Leafs fans) should buzz off. I forgot that there are several good female posters that take part here. I apologize to anyone I offended. My intent was simply to discourage the endless negativity when we should be supporting the team. It is still August - we can chill a bit. c'est le but! Bob in Ottawa
  • Comment on P.K. said to reject Canadiens’ first offer (2012-08-02 09:55:44)
    I appreciate the correction. LADIES - there was no slight intended. And yes, as we know the dreadpiraterobert is retired. Full marks for being sharp though. c'est le but! Bob in Ottawa
  • Comment on P.K. said to reject Canadiens’ first offer (2012-08-02 07:59:29)
    Good Morning to all, Would all of the bitchy whining girls(probably just Leafs fans really) get off the site please and go do your bellyaching somewhere else? I hope to share comments with HABS FANS - you know people who enjoy and support the team. Sure, injecting a little criticism now and then should be expected but the team is in transition - give it some time, try to enjoy and lose the the public interest if you will. Doan can ask for whatever he likes, nobody has agreed to that yet so relax. I like that MB started low, we all know PK will wind up getting a little more than that and maybe for a little longer. Let's wait and see. c'est le but! Bob in Ottawa
  • Comment on Habs sign RFA Emelin to 2-year, $4-million deal (2012-07-02 09:10:08)
    wow -aren't you Mr. Happy? Fact is that in the last couple of years the club has gotten younger, bigger, and faster. We have an above average goalie, some new players that really want to be here, and a chance to turn the tide quickly. Try supporting the team. It is always so easy to criticize. Most of us are pretty happy to see there is reason for hope now. Please join us. c'est le but! Bob in Ottawa
  • Comment on You be the general manager (2012-06-30 22:24:37)
    Please reconsider all the Bourque and Geoffrion bashing. They did not exactly get regular ice, regular line mates, or regular coaching. They were both thrown into the perfect environment in which to fail. Allow them a fresh start - I suspect one or both are going to surprise at least a little. c'est le but! Bob in Ottawa
  • Comment on RFA White signs; Galchenyuk headlines development camp (2012-06-26 17:25:45)
    better have another look bourque's career numbers suggest he is a pretty legit second line player and comes with a little size and grit...what's the down side? c'est le but! Bob in Ottawa
  • Comment on RFA-offer deadline looms for GM Bergevin (2012-06-25 09:36:17)
    so clue us in - why would/does Therrien have a beef with Eller? c'est le but! Bob in Ottawa