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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Leafs (2013-04-13 17:55:53)
    Bear Allo de Boyz, Heading out to Dubh Linn Gate for a Jameson followed by numerous Kilkenney. Just made a few laps on the Dave Murry DH, some freshies on corn, sun is out, the universe unfolding as it should. My pals in Habs and Leafs colours already in thier cups hopefully saving me a spot at the bar. God Bless You All, Go Habs! Go!
  • Comment on Ryder: “It’s good to be back” (2013-03-01 18:58:48)
    Bear Re Savard, Sam Polluck should have annointed Scotty before he handed the job to Irving, there was something wrong about that transition and it wasn't only Grundman screwing up, owners did as well. Scotty should have never left town, our team took a nose dive after 22 cups. If it wasn't for Patric we probably wouldn't have won another one. Glad to see an owner paying attention, a GM with some street smarts and a coach who's learned how to get the best out of the new breed.
  • Comment on Ryder will face Leafs wearing No. 73 (2013-02-27 13:58:51)
    Bear Allo de Boyz, I'm very happy we got the sniper from "The Rock" back in town. I've got a 2 4 on ice down in the man cave, my Bro and I hosting 2 Leaf fans (one from Pembrook, one from the Rock), all of us in our colours, grey hair, no hair...ok more white than grey. Beer butt chicken on the BBQ and DeCecco pasta with Mom's sauce. Should be a great game, as most of the games were back in the sixties between these two teams. I'm glad Hogtown has got its mojo back, still want to kick thier butts though. Will "never" forget that last game in 67, what a bummer, funny how some things just...stick to a guy eh? I want to thank Eric Cole for what he did for us last year and wish him all the best down south. I really do think we're going to see Ryder play his best hockey ever, starting tonight. Go Habs! Go!
  • Comment on Habs take wait-and-see approach on Subban (2013-01-29 14:00:01)
    Bear I'm drinkin the cool-aid, if we stay healthy we're in the top 3. PK will tow the line, become a "team man" and still shine as an individual. There will be trades though... Go Habs! Go!
  • Comment on Audio: Habs sign Subban to two-year deal (2013-01-28 20:53:26)
    Bear Les Boyz, Ce ces't du modit de bonne nouvelle eh! Une pitite Mol pour moi aussi! Go Habs! Go!
  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-05 14:31:13)
    Bear I like Mike for the coach. I want the GM to hold the power. Roy would want to be Le Roi and it would get ugly if we didn't win lots and he's already walked out on us once before. "There is no I in Team". I'll never forgive Crawford for choosing his Aves player Bourque over Gretz for the shootout when there was half an inch of snow on the ice, what the heck was he thinking. I hope we find a way to get Larry back to help the young D; I hear he's already booked a tee time for this weekend anyway. Go Habs! Go!
  • Comment on Markov activated (2012-03-10 16:11:17)
    Les Boyz, I'm really stoked about Markov comming back. I have a good feeling about him for tonight. I see him scoring a PP goal, down low on a cross ice feed from DD. I've had that dream twice this week...uncanny really...but true. I had great plans to go to the game but am stuck here with unexpected family visit so it'll have to be TV. Go Habs! Go! Bear
  • Comment on Multimedia from morning skate (2012-03-06 15:43:52)
    Kooch, I'm hopin it's Sat night, I'm drivin down hwy 99, scalpin a ticket after the game starts and hopefully watching Markov help beat the Canucks. PP goal by Markov down low, off a feed from DD. Hey... anything can When the Habs were here last year we won. Before that the last time we'd won Mark Messier was the captain. Yup drivin up the "highway of tears" with my tail between my legs for 10 years before last years win; enough to make a man cry. Go Habs! Go! Bear
  • Comment on Jean Béliveau continues encouraging comeback (2012-03-05 14:40:52)
    Hey Kooch, I'm with you on this as far as the points go. Reality is we're stuck with Scott so we have to hope he turns it around next year. Bear
  • Comment on Liveblog: Leafs win 3-1 – Carlyle is 2-0 against Canadiens (2012-03-03 16:32:47)
    Les Boyz, I'm looking for a huge win tonight over the Leafs. Sure I'm pissed with our season but a lot of those games were close. We're clearing out some of the deadwood now and I feel better about our team, yes Markov will be back this year. Fool that I am I haven't given up on the playoffs yet either...hope springs! I look for a high level of compete, a few fights, some great goals and a 4-2 win for Les Glorieux. I can't wait to hear Ron and Don and Bob Cole somehow squirm out of making any positive comments about the Habs. I flip back and forth, play by play with RDS, CBC for the appologia. finish off with a bit of anti chambre, a full night of drama for me. Go Habs! Go! Bear