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  • Comment on Pacioretty out, Leblanc in (2011-11-29 19:35:30)
    Well thats see,a couple of weeks ago Milan Lucic hits Ryan Miller in the head while he didn t have the puck and as a result Miller hasn t played a minute since while suffering a concussion. Shanahan talks to Lucic and believes him when he said it was an accident and he couldn t avoid him.Result,no suspension. Fast forward two weeks,Pacioretty hits Letang in the head and well we know what happened. I guess Shanahan didn t believe Pacioretty as much as he believed Lucic or maybe Lucic is a better liar than Pacioretty is or maybe we changed 4 quarters for a dollar when Shanahan replaced Campbell.Does Shanahan have a son too that plays for Boston?? The NHL is a bush league and will always be one. The only difference,most bush leagues don t charge 200$ for a ticket in the stands.