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  • Comment on (AUDIO) Subban signs eight-year deal with Habs averaging $9 million a season (2014-08-03 22:50:33)
    I realize, as CJ mentions, that it is absolutely time to move on from the PK debacle, but I happened to be doing a PK retrospective tonight, and I came up these comments by Boone, after the Ottawa comeback in March. Boone's words: " And maybe the win will persuade Michel Therrien to loosen the shackles on P.K. Subban. The reigning Norris Trophy winner played his best game since the Olympic break. With Ottawa in control and fans streaming toward the exits, Subban went full P.K. on the reeling Senators. The stats: ToI of 28:55 to lead both teams, assists on all three comeback goals, seven shots on goal, to lead both teams, plus three that were blocked and two that missed the net; four hits, two takeaways and two blocked shots." It was a comeback, and it did seem to turn the season into a marvelous post-season. I hate to think of that game without him. Encomium.
  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-08 23:00:02)
    I think this is a very fair assessment. The moment that news, via Bob McKenzie, swept the hockey world that Josh Gorges, the heir apparent, was on the block, other GM's started laughing. It wasn't a good situation, and given the Canadiens', under Bergevin's watch, interest in not being complete a-holes, it suited both parties to settle quickly. Did the Habs really want that narrative to last more than a couple days? Can you imagine, had they signed Gilbert, Weaver, and it was August? Someone had to go... a brutal, dog-days sort of scenario, potential overshadowing other moves. A second-rounder of some description is less-yes, less--than what could have been gotten had TO not been the initial trading partner, but speed was of the essence. Anyway, those idiots in TO... really. I do, however, have issues imagining playing Buffalo 4 times this year, with Gionta and Gorges there. From a fan point of view, I wish they weren't both there; however, from a human point of view, I'm glad that they are together.
  • Comment on Subban and Price invited to pre-Olympic orientation camp (2013-07-27 23:06:16)
    Be careful with #4. Balance out socio-biological representations with those of Richard Lewontin and Steven Jay Gould, both from (or formerly so) Harvard--the first an evolutionary biologist, the second a paleontologist. Brilliant men of letters and science.
  • Comment on Pacioretty set to dazzle Habs’ fitness staff (2013-01-12 00:54:37)
    Thank you. It struck me, somewhere in my ironic rant, that people who were paid to do things might not get paid if they actually didn't do things. So if he doesn't do things, and doesn't get paid, StFU! Just a ladylike comment!
  • Comment on Pacioretty set to dazzle Habs’ fitness staff (2013-01-12 00:43:32)
    OMG. Seriously, bros. Maybes he really is kinda tired of the spiel and wants to spend time with his family. IF he retires, does he get all his money? If he does, I'm like , why doesn't Pleks and everyone else retire RIGHT NOW. Like RIGHT NOW! If he only gets his pro-rated salary from this year, I'm like, BROS, DUDE-BROS (those are the bros who have brains but are like, uncertain how to use them in the pursuit of other things, but still, need to be encouraged, as opposed to just the dumb MF bros... anyway, BROS! He's potentially standing up for something real! Like, He's not going to have millions, in Quebec or anyplace else, after this year! Whoa. That's hardcore. Now, I'm just a stupid chick, so if he can still retire and collect ALL HIS MONEY and NEVER PLAY A GAME EVER...I'm like, whoa, I'm a stupid chick.... And if not. Well. I guess a dude-bro? Not acceptable to feminists, but not not? Lost in the slip stream. Alas.
  • Comment on Audio from Canadiens after 4-3 shootout loss (2012-02-16 01:04:21)
    Yeah...well, the way we react when faced with "fantasy" does connect with our realities. I don't really give a rat's ass who criticizes long as there is some touch with the fact that we're dealing with people. And that's it. Price get's traded to Columbus for Nash. We're dealing with real people. And the howling would begin. But who cares. Both folks are still employed. But folks wishing serious bodily harm to...anyone...need to look in the mirror. I guarantee there is someone in your circle who really wishes you'd take a long holiday. Some garbled golden rule, here, but it's kinda true.
  • Comment on Audio from Canadiens after 4-3 shootout loss (2012-02-16 00:40:43)
    I don’t often post, but I do thoroughly enjoy the debate, dialogue, and even the sometimes completely seventh-grade name-calling and stupidity that shows itself—and I’m a teacher. However, I do need to register just a minor comment. We are, under any circumstances, dealing with the actions of people, real ones at that. I know, from experience the frustrations of dealing with the petty bureaucracy, the seeming arbitrary decisions (that I don’t agree with) that define life. It’s one of the reasons that I (we) watch sports, because on the big screen we see all those little pettiness-es write large…a turnover there…a hit there..a goal, and then a goal against. A post! A Ref! Damn him! In our offices, classrooms, and field work we face those frustrations. But I have never, and will never, understand the willingness of “fans” to excoriate, and to, under certain circumstances, cross the moral line. Yes, wouldn’t it have been lovely if Price had stopped Seguin. Lovely, no doubt, except for the fact that nos Canadiens have been woeful in actually scoring on the shootout. As you all know, from your classrooms and cubicles, it takes a crowd to tango well and make it fun. Otherwise, we’re just watching two people, and we don’t much care. But on the issue of the crowd celebrating the Chara puck to the neck. Suppose he had bled more. Suppose he had bled out. At what point do we acknowledge that our attachment to a sporting event overshadows our ethical understanding of the way life should be, for people? Perhaps it’s a little late for ethics, but it’s troubling. Last year, on March 8, I was one of those fans from across the continent, from Seattle, in fact, who witness and was crushed and horrified and angered by what happened to Max. The story is his recovery. It is one of the great stories in sports right now. His story is diminished by pettiness, by those who cannot remember to separate “sport” from their own lives. Celebrate what we have witnessed. Do not wish the end of a career on someone else. Unless you’re willing to tolerate, and call just, the wish of the dude or dudette down the hall, who’s really hoping that you’re going to have a heart-attack soon, because you’re such a pain in the ass to deal with. Although, you might not be that important. A pain all its own.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-01 03:12:38)
    Good heavens. There’s a lot of howling here by grown men about what changes they would make and how miserable any given player is, and how that players should be traded, ad nauseum. Lovely. I trust you will all be back next game. I will. Did you expect anything to the contrary? Max sitting on the sidelines? On a controversial call that has to make the lads angry and a bit disenchanted with their organization? Cammy/Gio injured? Who knows. Poor LL… Jesus… send him back to Hamilton. Lovely for him to get some experience, but really. Learning is a process, not some sudden revelation, despite earlier mash-ups to the contrary. I applaud the poster who called the 1-4 game. I felt the same, going in. Backup goalie? I don’t know what any coach could do, given this group of men right now. Muller et al.,considered in their respective places as saviours---Losing records already. But the point is, sometimes teams are not that great, especially in circumstances particular to….well…their circumstances. Deal! I trust that most of you aren’t going to be dead by the end of the year. Give it a try and see what happens. I would argue that we’ve been spoiled by teams playing beyond their capacity. Maybe this team, minus Markov, Pacioretty, Cammy (as he appears to be injured or suddenly stupid) and a D-corps hardly more experienced than Gorges, is going to suck! Do we throw away the farm just for some fleeting glimpse of the Eastern Conference Final of two years ago!? (There are a few other teams who’d like to be able to boast of having made it to the Conference finals in the past two years…I know…means nothing.) Or do we show some sort of preternatural grace, and acknowledge the learning process with an exciting group of young folks…. And I ask…what were you doing at 24? Or 25? Being absolutely, utterly, completely amazing, I imagine not. That’s the point of enjoying sports. These are young, mostly, folks doing amazing things. By the time they are 35 they are basically dead, and have to start a new life. Alas, I forgot. These are highly paid professionals who agreed (with their agents) to sign away their lives to the fans. I would suggest, as an academic, that these men are not paid enough…not unless they make it to their late 20’s and cash in on the UFA extravaganza…and that seems to work out so well. Extricate yourselves from your misc. holes and consider it. How well do you do on a daily basis, beyond the punching of a time card…. And then, he who is without sin, cast the first stone.
  • Comment on Pacioretty suspended three games (2011-11-28 23:12:47)
    I don't know...after reading all y'alls considered opinions... If I'm Canadiens PR, I mapping out a precedent here that is as wide and all-encompassing as my grandmother's tablecloth. Hit to the head? hockey play or not? 3 games suspension. That's what the tablecloth says. Of course, Shanny might not know what a tablecloth is.
  • Comment on Pacioretty suspended three games (2011-11-28 22:20:27)
    Malone was not suspended. He should have should have been Lucic. Undeniably. But seriously...have any of you ever tried to implement a real policy of behavior modification? Mistakes.. horrible mistakes...happen. I'd give this bro (Shanny) more than three months to find his place. I don't care if he's making millions. My ultimate point comes down to this: Does Max say that he shouldn't be suspended? I await his response. I expect, as a very bright young man, that he doesn't contest it. I think he has an eye towards the future.