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  • Comment on Battling flu, Canadiens take Wednesday off (2012-02-22 12:50:27)
    Wow, that's too bad that Campoli sucks as a person too.....I'd trade him for a bag of Doritos. Wouldn't even have to be a large bag of Doritos, just a Halloween size bag would be a fair trade.
  • Comment on Battling flu, Canadiens take Wednesday off (2012-02-22 12:47:56)
    If Moen is healthy prior to the trade deadline, than not dealing him is a terrible decision. Several teams want the guy, so why not deal him for a future asset (ie - draft pick or prospect)? Obviously he's a heart and soul guy and a great teammate, but he is replaceable. Also, since he's a RFA at season's end, we could even try to resign him prior to next season. For the future of this franchise, keeping Moen, instead of trading him makes zero sense.
  • Comment on Multimedia: Emelin felled by Weber shot in practice, should be OK for Lightning (2012-01-06 13:19:53)
    OK, what I don't understand about Burke's logic, is that I don't recall "enforcers" existing until about 15 years ago. While I know there has always been tough guys, the majority of them, even into the 1980's could play (think Nilan, Semenko, Probert, Odjick, McSorely....geez, even Kordic had 9 goals one year). If it's rats that are ending the career of guys like Orr, why keep that other guy just like Orr (Jay Rosehill) on your team? Really what Brian Burke should have said was "I made a mistake signing a terrible hockey player to 1 million per year". Nothing against Orr, but he's not a good hockey player and that's why there's no room for him on the Leafs.