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  • Comment on Habs get day off after loss to Bruins (2014-03-13 14:15:23)
    Lucic , Kassian, Hornton, Iginla, Brower, Simmonds, for example are top 6ers that can really fight and put up points teams drool over them heck even good 3rd liners like Prust, Clarkson etc are a hot commodity. That's why Montreal drafted McCarron, and in my opinion a more effective Crisp last year to hopefully become that type of player. As much as I hate to say it though it will always be hard to answer Lucic he is tops in his weight class and scores 20 25 a year Iginla is going to the HOF by doing that.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-02-27 04:35:25)
    Had to share this will all, watch at the 5 minute mark Larry Robinson gets a bit thirsty.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZmRWz_Dyk0
  • Comment on ‘It’s a pretty cool feeling,’ Olympic champ Price says (with video) (2014-02-25 13:38:45)
    pits has 3-4 under 25 dmen couple being french canadian to boot, they love their rentals.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 51 – Canadiens drop third in a row, 4-1 to Detroit (2014-01-24 17:26:37)
    bourque straight up for despres lol guy can dream.
  • Comment on Habs get day off Friday; Pateryn sent to Hamilton (2013-11-09 04:03:55)
    maybe throw in a 3rd round pick and that is one of the better true hockey trades I have ever seen on this site.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-10 13:50:06)
    Afternoon gents I wrote this "blog" for hockeybuzz.com during the summer. Feel what I predicted has happened and would like to get it out to habs fan as the article wasnt published. Please let me know what you think critizism is welcome :) Size or Skill…. Or Coaching? The great debate with the present day Montreal Canadiens has always been the lack of size throughout the line-up. Although it’s agreeable that the Habs defence is well below NHL average (seen below) the glaring holes do not come from a backend that not only will increase in overall size with the influx of talented young men coming up, but will continue to depend on the speed and skill to witch the Canadiens have become known. Gorges 6’1 Subban 6’ Markov 6’ Emelin 6’2 Murray 6’3 Diaz5’11 Bouillon 5’8 Drewiske 6’2 Tinordi 6’6 In fact even as It sits, few could argue there are solid building blocks to a very physical, reliable puck moving top six. It comes down to recognizing the potential and in some cases limitations of players. Markov is a glaring example of this, having multiple surgeries missing extensive time and overall age has left Andrei visibly weaker in his skating mobility. My point being Markov still has the hands of a young man and one of the best hockey brains that organization has seen in years, play him as a 5-6 defenseman mentoring young players such as Bealieau, Nygren, even Tinordi. Monitor his minutes like you would any prospect but turn him lose for a couple minutes on the power play where his lack of mobility won’t be exposed. This is a man who made multiple defense partners very rich(Mike, and Mark) to name a few. As for players like Gorges and Diaz who have been exceptional for the Habs, they have their place and will move on when prospects or better opportunities present themselves. It’s a process of improvement. Looking deeper into a line-up that will lack it’s #74 wrecking ball until late November, Montreal defence may struggle clearing pucks and screening forwards but considering the game plan employed by the coaching staff it’s irrelevant. Edit: This was written the night before Montreal signed hulking veteran defenseman Douglas Murray. Obviously once Emelin returns the overall balance of size and skill on the back-end makes it a well-rounded unit, provided players play up to their potential, etc. Also I feel this gives the organization great flexibility, depth, and gives the young first rounders Tinordi and Beaulieu another year to excel at the AHL level before making the jump. Mr. Therrien utilizes the skills the back end does posses, that is speed, skill, quick transition, and hockey I.Q. The Habs rarely would let teams set up in the defensive zone resulting in minimal exposure of the defense. Later in the season though teams caught on and Montreal began struggling to keep pucks out of the end. There is one example of how good coaching can overcome the, for lack of a better term, shortcomings of any team. This is where I believe the success of the Montreal Canadiens lies this year: the ability to distribute and properly manage the ice time, and line combinations in general. Coaching is what will take a highly skilled team deeper into the playoffs. That mentality instilled from management that physical stature does not dictate success in the NHL. Looking at a forward group that bolsters 3 skaters under 5’9’’ (not to mention a very generally listed Brierre at 5’10) it’s hard not to classify les habitants as “undersized” but is that really the case? Pacioretty Pleckanec Briere Bourque Eller Gionta Prust Galchenyuk Gallagher Moen White Parros Note: Blunden, and Dumont are great bottom 6 replacements, not to mention low cap hit. Montreal has a good sized, well balance, and deep range of forwards who bring very different assets to the table on any given night. Up and down the left side and not forgetting the Habs new moustached man they are above average in stature. A mix of skill, speed and size on the left side with exceptional playmaking up the middle of the now two “big centers” they have craved for years, and the ever reliable turtlenecked wonder leaves the top 6 very deep in every aspect of team needs. This small forward group may be a tad undersized on the RW, but none can argue the influx of heart and work ethic on that side. All three of the top RWs are interchangeable depending on need or who is hot at any given time. A bonus for the coaching staff making nightly choices that much easier. I feel Montreal has the ability to compete night in and night out no longer with the small stigma behind them. Obviously there is a glaring omission in the way I arranged the lines, as it sits though I feel the team is in fact stronger without Deharnais. Now that is not knock on him as a very capable NHLer and only my personal opinion. I’ll explain; I believe that Montreal now has too many centers. As they did with Eller, they would like to teach Chucky the two way game, what better way than centering a 3rd line with Prust. Where does David D. fit in this line-up? Trading a center not only frees up ice time but cap space as well. Prust is not a 4th liner he wants, can and needs to contribute in many ways for himself and the team to be successful. I just don’t see how any coach can give a struggling center ice time over the other deserving players… Another example of where strong coaching will come into play above all else. Coaches aren’t hired to be fired they are given a blank canvas told to paint a masterpiece worthy of the Louvre. Let’s not kid ourselves some coaches don’t always get the good brushes, or are missing some blues and yellows, never enough to make excuses though. One of the biggest issues in coaching is having the guts to paint outside the lines, neglect salary, popularity, and management pressure. Just playing who earns it, night in and night out managing ice time as needed. Making the hard calls when no one else will. Whatever the tough call may be line up wise coaches are trusted to do the right thing night in and night out. Size is never the reason, the Blackhawks proved that this summer once again, big or small, undersized, overrated, too old too young. The only size that really matters is the amount of impact the man hired to bring the masterpiece to life has on the game. 22/08/13 David Lesage
  • Comment on Injury bug hits Habs defence as Drewiske, Bouillon sidelined (2013-09-19 16:32:41)
    Mcdonagh was a "throw in" in that deal as management felt he "hadn't progressed in his development". My fear being giving away a strong prospect for relatively nothing. Thomas has not impressed me (I am not one of the size clowns caring about his stature" I simply dont see the offensive awareness or nose for the net that similar players do. I know he is young but given the chance he got I feel Kristo and even leblanc would have produced.
  • Comment on Injury bug hits Habs defence as Drewiske, Bouillon sidelined (2013-09-19 16:22:31)
    Just curious what everyone thinks. This quote from an article on NHL.com "Kristo leads list of Rangers prospects": "Danny's a little older. He's a little more experienced playing a lot in college," Rangers director of player personnel Gordie Clark told the team's website following the trade. "We have a situation where Hagelin and Callahan are going to be out [with injuries], at least in the beginning. We feel he has a good chance to fill in one of those roles." Why did mtl management not feel the same? I was excited to see him get a shot this year. Actually more excited to see him reunited with LL in hamilton, thought that would be a highly skilled line, at the ahl level anyway. I fear another McDonagh situation....
  • Comment on Habs trim training camp roster to 38 players (Video) (2013-09-17 13:08:35)
    you should expand your knowledge of the chl before making such il-advised comments.. For every full year of play in the CHL comes with a full years tuition at any canadian university, so had LL played the customary 3-4 years of major junior he would have had the same scholastic chances. (obviously not at the level of harvard but mcgill is a great place) He wanted to be a hockey player and made the right choice. If you wanted to be a pilot would you go to business shool too just incase??
  • Comment on Price burns 2,336 calories in a game; Drewiske will face Flyers (2013-04-03 15:22:16)
    cant wait to see kristo on leblanc wing again kids are scary together