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  • Comment on They are ready for some football (2011-11-24 12:58:58)
    Lucic didnt even try with Gaustad. Try being rational, and thinking with your head, and not your heart. Lucic is one of the best well rounded players in the league. The Habs would KILL to have someone like him in the line, as well as every other NHL team.
  • Comment on They are ready for some football (2011-11-24 12:51:58)
    well said. Some people let passion guide them a little to much, and dont see the reality of it sometimes. The Bruins are the best rounded team right now, and any Hab fan would be smart to want or have any of their players. Their 4th line is as effective as probably the most teams 3rd lines, if not better. The problem is most people on here are Habs fans and not Hockey fans.
  • Comment on They are ready for some football (2011-11-24 12:45:07)
    The Islanders have made some questionable decisions as of late, like playing an AHL goalie against the Penguins, and constantly sitting out some of their top players, like Okposo. He would be a good acquisition, if you could get rid of Gomez. HThe Islanders may be trying to free up some cap space for when they eventually trade away a goalie.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-11-24 12:39:16)
    What does this have to do with the game against Carolina? Are we going to bring up the Chara hit too while we are at it? You gotta let go bud, you're obsession with not being as good as the Bruins is getting to you.