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  • Comment on Habs sign UFA Travis Moen to 4-year, $7.4-million deal (2012-06-30 01:02:42)
    Will you gentlemen shake your wieners and end this childish pissing match? Who did better halak or price? Let it go already!!! Price is a fine YOUNG goaltender, and to be fair, f@ck the past. Concentrate on what could happen in a few years with a solid team AND a seasoned Price! Regardless, we have great people in place who give a crap about les habitant and show it. Iam honestly excited for our future! And this page should be about how we locked up a great vet and leader Mr.Moen. And at a decent salary. And as for garbage Kane rumours.. Go play NHL 12 as its not gonna happen. Why give up good players for a clubber who beats up cab drivers? Yup, i want that douche in habs uni! Who cares how many points he gets, look who he plays with. Alright i must have another Rum, thats my drunken rant for the evening. Go HABS GO!!!!
  • Comment on Multimedia from morning skate (2012-03-06 17:49:16)
    Was at Habs practice in calgary this morning. Looks like Randy L still has some dangles! Was great to see Markov out there.. Hope to see him play a game in the near future.. Hope to see the Habs pull a win over the Flames! GO HABS GO!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-04 13:32:32)
    To those fans on here who think Price is a bad goaltender and say hes expendable, need to get their head out of their asses. No matter the ups and downs if this club, Price is the solid rock that will one day bring this team glory. Price isnt even his prime yet, and already has been named to the all star team each year he has played. All the rest of the top goaltenders in this league have a good club in front of them. The players are not to blame "except gomez of course" its been management and coaching. Habs need to clean house, and form a vision of what this team should be and have evreyone on the same page. This bandaid approach over the years is ridiculous. I dont care if we miss the playoffs, or have a french speaking coach. Bottom line is the nhl is a buisness and we need to get with the times. I love the habs and its history, but lets get the right people for the job. Lets do the right thing this offseason and "retool", beginning with a new gm and coach and draft according to our needs. We honestly already have alot of good pieces just need to have the right people complete the puzzle. Ive been a habs fan since i was born, and no matter what happens i will always watch this team. And for all you douches who will "quit watching" because u dont agree with players, management or whatever. No one will miss you. And maybe you should just go buy the stanley cup winning teams jersey each year to feel bettet about yourself. GO HABS GO!!!!
  • Comment on Hal Gill dealt to Nashville (updated with audio) (2012-02-17 17:03:29)
    Good trade. Gill was a beauty for 3 seasons but his time was coming. I think we got alot for him. Dare I say nice move PG? I think Blake G will turn out to be a good third liner...
  • Comment on Liveblog: Not a classic, but a darn good game as Bruins eke out 1-0 win (2011-11-21 16:13:51)
    Whats with all the silly religion talk?? Habs are the REAL religion here.. Anyhow, should be a dandy game tonight! Go habs go!