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  • Comment on Captain out indefinitely (2012-01-12 07:32:09)
    While I agree with the bad trading history, I'm sick of hearing about how we 'didn't get enough for Halak'. He was traded 5 days before he was a free agent. We had no barganing power, since teams knew we had choosen Carey Price and couldn't afford them both. What were we supposed to do? Make him an offer to keep him as an RFA, and wait for a team to sign him to a big offer sheet? At the 5 million he's earning, I believe we would get a 2nd rounder (maybe a 1st, not 100% sure)... so decide now: 2nd round pick, or Lars Eller? There were very few teams interested in a flash-in-the-pan goalie (ie: Brian Boucher, Micheal Leighton, Roman Czechmanek, Cristobal Huet...) who was insulated all season long in a defensive system. We saw last year how he plays in a more offensive system. And we're seeing now how well he's doing with Hitchcock's defensive system! No doubt he had a good season in MTL, but what had he really done BEFORE that season? He wasn't even considered 2nd on the depth chart at the start of that season (Sanford was). I hope it works out for him in St-Louis, they are a good, young, exciting team, but I'm still not sure what people expected to get for a free agent goalie 5 days before his contract expired.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Flyers beat Canadiens 4-3 (2011-12-15 16:15:28)
    The rule is that the puck must remain IN MOTION. It USED to be that it had to be forward, but that's not the case anymore (I have no idea when that changed...). Proof: Marty St-Louis had a spin-o-rama shootout goal that was deemed fine by the NHL execs. I do believe they're still timed though (10 seconds), so to answer a possible question: No, you can't just stand 2 feet away from the goalie stick handling until you have an empty net. I agree it was nifty, but I also agree not the best. I still giggle when I watch Datsyuk's goal from a few years ago where he faked 3 or 4 times then just flicked the puck over the goalie!
  • Comment on A win that slipped away (2011-11-15 09:59:49)
    Sorry "HabsFanSince49"... I'm not sure you watched the game AT ALL... 2) He's not playing the best hockey of his career. He had a career year in NJ when he won a cup. He's showing his speed more because he's playing on the wing, but he still heads for the corner instead of the front of the net. Still no production. 3) Pleks is a FAILED EXPERIMENT at the point. It's not his fault... he just doesn't have those skills. He can't keep the puck in when it's fired around the boards, he can't toe the blue line like Subban or Weber, and he defintiely can't defend when there's a 1 on 1. Not to mention he has an average slapshot with no real speed. Playing him on the point means Darche gets PP minutes that should go to Subban or Diaz on the point... 4) How it makes sense to lose a centerman, and then bench a different centermen is beyond me. All of his minutes went to Gomez. That clearly worked well. 5) We had more PPs then them. I thought they reffed a pretty solid game. 6) Sitting back was just an awful idea. Clearly. Thank GOD for Price and a good penalty kill. 7) Gionta isn't close to the leading scorer... Not to mention his shots are about getting open and burying empty net goals, or quick rushes up the ice. Shootout is NOT his thing. Why not PK? Why not DD? These guys have hands... But I agree with one thing... it was a good point to earn.