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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens hand Devils first loss (2013-01-27 23:59:27)
    What sort of stats are you looking at, or are you just trolling? He's played huge minutes ever since he came up to the club, against extremely good competition (typically their top lines), and put up decent points. If you look at his advanced stats, he is easily in the top 30 defensemen- an elite talent. Defense also tend to mature into better players rather slowly, so if you measure him against young defense (I believe HEOTP uses defense drafted since 2007?), he is in the top 5. Near guys like Doughty, Pietrangelo, Duncan Keith, Brian Campbell. Not to mention he's had to deal with a ridiculous amount of crap- people questioning his character, attitude, etc thanks to to the nature of hockey coverage in Canada. Even putting aside this, he is easily a top 2 dman on the current roster who can eat minutes, draws a ton of penalties, improves possession numbers significantly, and improves the play of everyone on the ice. You don't pay this sort of player $3 million- whatever the prestige of the club in question. If Bergevin hasn't offered $4.5-$5million they are idiots. I sound like a Subban nut. I'm just sick of people throwing BS about his lack of production or capabilities or other shit we can't measure like 'character' or him being a 'dressing room cancer.' IF we lose Subban, and the price is less than 2 firsts I will be pretty disgusted with the organization. It's great to see Markov playing so well a short time into the season but if history is any guide he WILL get injured. Lowering his TOI with an elite defenseman like Subban would help to some extent in preventing this. He would also draw the attention of forwards hoping to take runs at our D and injure Markov, and I'm far more confident in Subban's youth and physicality than Markov's.
  • Comment on Again, Tim Thomas (2012-07-27 19:11:18)
    You are a sad troll. Trying to conflate the complex language politics in Quebec with 'racism? You are trolling, or have no idea what racism is. Pathetic post.
  • Comment on Again, Tim Thomas (2012-07-27 19:09:08)
    What makes you think he hates you hahahha? You sound very defensive- why does Boone's ridicule towards Thomas make you feel defensive?
  • Comment on Again, Tim Thomas (2012-07-27 19:07:15)
    I'm agnostic/atheist myself, and very much in favour of same-sex marriage, but it's foolish to dismiss the bible as irrelevant, considering the vast majority of our ideas about human morality are Biblical, or at least Christian in nature. Personally I think you should be able to pick and choose things from the Bible, as there is a lot of crazy stuff but there is also lots of stuff that can make people happier.
  • Comment on Again, Tim Thomas (2012-07-27 18:58:04)
    If you say he robbed you because he is black...probably.
  • Comment on Again, Tim Thomas (2012-07-27 18:57:03)
    A 'majority'? I'm 100% sure that a majority (as in 50% +1) of people in Canada, the United States, and even most western democracies support same sex marriage. Thomas and the religious right are the dinosaurs...hating and discriminating against a group of people based on their sexual proclivities. He is more than welcome to publicly make a fool of himself by expressing his increasingly archaic, bigoted views.
  • Comment on Again, Tim Thomas (2012-07-27 18:53:27)
    I don't think one's "rights" should extend to restricting other groups rights based on their sexual practises. That said, Tim Thomas is irrelevant and his opinion basically worthless, considering that the source of his fame in no way makes him an authority worth listening to on the topic he has chosen to publicly advocate against.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Kings thump Devils 6-1, win Cup (2012-06-12 00:56:50)
    Look at the replay. Bernier was going in for a hit, 1/2 a second before he connected Scuderi turned. Who knows if he was actually 'hurt'. He chose to stay on the ice and ensure a longer penalty.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Kings thump Devils 6-1, win Cup (2012-06-12 00:54:24)
    It's insane the people hoping to tar and feather Bernier. He was 3-5 feet away from a perfectly legal shouldercheck, while travelling at a high rate of speed, when Scuderi decided to turn inwards and present his back to the check. Then following the check ( as pointed out by the commentators), Scuderi looked up to see if there was a call, then put his head to the ice, begging for a call, before skating to the bench, to return shortly.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Kings thump Devils 6-1, win Cup (2012-06-12 00:51:40)
    Have you actually looked at it? Bernier was about 3 feet away from Scuderi, readying to hit his right shoulder, when for whatever reason Scuderi decides to turn INWARDS and present his back. Perhaps Bernier should have pulled up a bit (although how much can he slow down at 3-5 feet at full speed), I 'personally' think he did, and Scuderi took the dive. Yes he was bleeding, but that was because of the way he hit the boards, not out of some inherent brutality or violence in the way that Bernier hit him. Pathetic call, and the NHL continues to demonstrate it's ineptitude.