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  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Beaulieu provides a breath of fresh air on Habs’ blue line (2015-01-18 11:43:24)
    Happy to see the boys win last nite but I got to say the game was like watching paint dry...boring! I thought Habs defense was terrible. I like Tokr but when is Price back? He didn't look to good last nite. Concentration was away off. The 6-4 goal from just inside the blueline was ridiculous.
  • Comment on Islanders vs. Canadiens preview: Tokarski gets start as Price sidelined with upper-body injury (2015-01-16 23:38:33)
    Sat in on a Generals practice on Wednesday and the guy is definitely a player. He's the biggest guy out there. He's fast and is physical but not in a dirty way. The thing that impressed me about him is his shot. He's got a quick release and a lightning shot. Right now he's still getting use to his new line mates and their getting used to him. He'll be fine. When he breaks the Genies will be awesome. Mistele is still out too. Maybe they'll put them together when he returns next week. I'm going to the London game on the 25th. That'll be a good measuring stick for him against his old mates.
  • Comment on Islanders vs. Canadiens preview: Tokarski gets start as Price sidelined with upper-body injury (2015-01-16 23:26:34)
    Great to see Tinordi back in the lineup. I agree with his Dad. Why is he fighting for $65000 a year? To me it looks like he's grasping at straws trying to make it in the bigs. He just can't seem to make it past November with Habs and then along comes Beaulieu who plays the rest of the year. He probably sees that and wonders what he has to do in order to stick. My answer=nothing. If they don't want you, they don't want you. Look what happened to Louis Leblanc. I believe he's headed on the same path. Now his aggressiveness seems to be gone its time to unload him and maybe for some offense which this team so desperately needs. March 2nd is approaching rapidly.
  • Comment on Liveblog: The road W streak ends ugly (2015-01-15 20:43:39)
    Rogers sucks! The most expensive company in Canada. Explain to me when you subscribe to Sportsnet why you are paying to watch a blank screen for three hours? Could it be because I have not subscribed to Centre Ice to the tune of another $55 per mo. How ridiculous is that? I'm so confused about all this blackout business and on top of it all about where to find which game every Saturday night. Do you call this better TV coverage..being stuck having to watch games you have absolutely no interest in? Something has got to change. The NHL has to be losing fans. Surely to goodness we're not all stupid?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Crosby scores in OT to win it for Pittsburgh. (2015-01-10 22:05:24)
    Habs just handed the Pens 2 points. What the hell was that all about when they won the draw to start overtime and backed up all the way into their own end and on top of it all proceeded to give the puck away? Stinkaroo!!! The ham hands crew lost another one. If Habs were trying to figure out who to keep back on defense that job should be getting easier. Yemelin has to go. He's god awful. Giving the puck away at every turn and taking way too many penalties. A truly defensive liability. Bring Weaver back. Trade Yemmy, Molholtra and Tinordi (fighting is obviously not his strength) for some offensive. You could even throw PAP in there too. Let's see what MB can come up with. Good luck.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-07 10:22:20)
    The team that I fear poses the biggest threat to the Habs even advancing to the Stanley Cup final won handily last night proving that Habs are just not I would classify as an elite team. Not yet. Tampa has breezed thru two games so far with Habs and all I have heard is either they are coming off a long road trip (as they were in the first case) or you did not think they would win every game this year (as was the case last nite). What is wrong with these guys that they cannot get up for a game against your biggest rival. Someone with serious offensive upside is what they need. I wonder who MB will trade for at the deadline this year. It looks now like a trade with Edmonton maybe out of the question now that thy seem to have found a guy who can coach. I am afraid this season is going to be a lot shorter than last.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Devils preview (2015-01-02 12:05:51)
    Great to see Mike McCarron traded to my hometown. I can now see him live and keep a close eye on how he's coming along. Should be exciting. Given the trades Oshawa has made in the last few days I would say they have a very good chance of winning the Mem Cup.
  • Comment on Beaulieu gets a promotion as Therrien juggles Habs’ lineup (2014-12-27 22:06:25)
    Wow that McDavid is a beautiful player isn't he? And big to boot. Too bad Habs don't have a hope in getting him. Looks like Edmonton is a lock for him. He's better pack his long underwear. hey what's with the awful goal horn after the Canadian goals. What happened to the one used at Habs home games? Is it broken? This make shift goal horn sucks. It looks like an after thought. Come on..the Canadian boys are at home. Lets treat them like it. They deserve it!
  • Comment on A letter from the BĂ©liveau family (2014-12-18 14:49:36)
    Been there already for three weeks. Get ready man its awful. Been to the Dr. and everything and still feel like crap. Cold, sore throat, tired and endless coughing. I haven't had anything like this for about 5 years. Its sucks. Good luck man.
  • Comment on Galchenyuk at centre as Habs prepare to face Canucks; Beaulieu called up from Hamilton (2014-12-09 10:41:19)
    On Beaulieu being called for Allen, trade for Gonchar send Beaulieu and Tinordi to Hamilton? What? Say that again? Now Beaulieu is called back up and for what? To sit on the bench some more? And what about Tinordi? They must really dislike him because this seems to happen every year. These guys are coming up on 4 years pro experience now. Let them play. They surely can't be any worse than the guys they traded for and they cost less. Way less! The only thing I can see from this bouncing ball scenario is that perhaps a trade is in the works for either Beaulieu or Tinordi for a first line Centre. What? Oh wait Alex Galchenyk should be there. Lots of questions, lots of questions folks.