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  • Comment on Liveblog: Shootout W! Amazing!! (2011-11-23 18:49:30)
    Even then the leafs success is based on a good start to the season, otherwise they've been mediocre at best. Without the big start they are sitting middle of the pack.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Shootout W! Amazing!! (2011-11-23 18:32:35)
    @ hard habits.. I feel ur reasoning is a little off. Wouldn't the habs limit the leafs in scoring while still being able to score themselves? Provided the good guys set the tone of the game, according to ur stats the habs would prevail..
  • Comment on Making new friends in Boston (2011-11-16 07:53:37)
    @ The Cat: JM might have a say but he certainly doesn't get to choose the d on this team. For a hockey fan u should know that is left up to management. And the reason JM cherishes players like Gill who excel at a particular skill set is because they r valuable. The number of complete players in the league can be counted on one hand, teams are lucky to have one. Building a team is based on bringing together individual skill sets that work well as a whole.. And generally speaking they've done a pretty good job. Consider that if Markov is the same player coming back from injury we might just have one of those complete players, and the young players in dev left to lead this team through the past season and 17 games, which have been plagued by injury, have done well enough to get to the playoffs and keep it afloat. Something tells me JM has a part to play in that.