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  • Comment on Explaining the zebras (2011-11-07 14:13:17)
    In response to DickandDanny... I totally disagree with your comments about PK. You might as well be Mike Richards ( when he was playing with Philly ) making comments about PK ... and then be shipped out of town because he was the one partying too much on his team. Point I am making is no one is perfect. PK is a player that has his own style and the best thing for him is not to resign with Canadiens. Your comments are out of line when you take shots at his father. PK is old enough to make his own decisions. If you don't like his style then so be it. I am sure you raised "perfect" kids. PK is a talented player and he is not your "traditional" player...but then again the game is very different now. Montreal Canadiens are always going to struggle with an identity if they hang on too much to the past.