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  • Comment on Habs prepare for busy Super Bowl weekend; Thomas to make debut (2014-01-31 13:44:41)
    from the Denver Post Jan 30 "Parenteau, 30, has been rumored to be on the trading block, with some reports saying the Montreal Canadiens might give up defenseman P.K. Subban for Parenteau and prospect(s) or draft picks. Subban, 24, is a 2014 Team Canada Olympian who is scheduled to become a restricted free agent and will command a salary in excess of $6 million next season and beyond. Roy and the Avs don’t comment on trade rumors but Roy said Parenteau will be back playing for the Avs “soon.” eek!
  • Comment on Saku, Gainey back in NHL picture (2012-05-11 10:10:43)
    Harsh - but not wrong Cal. MacLean is a decent guy and harmless but he's been at this too long. Hockey is HIS life but that doesn't mean that hockey IS life. He's not the only one - golf, baseball, football - you name a sport- and there's some broadcaster turned "essayist" presenting it as a metaphor for life itself with soft music and sunsets in the background.
  • Comment on Rangers-Caps will go at least six games (2012-05-06 09:13:13)
    Today on TV sports: PGA golf NASCAR NBA playoffs NHL comes in 4th so we're lucky to get anything.
  • Comment on More on the Bergevin hiring (2012-05-03 22:09:49)
    Bergevin seems like a good choice. Lots of enthusiasm and passion. I also like that Cunneyworth is being treated with respect - it seems like Molson understands that recently, the Habs haven't always been the class organization they need to be. Sendiing Cammi the game sweater was a good move too. Vigneault as coach works. I'd LOVE to see Big Bird working with the young defencemen. Roy has the passion but the Montreal media would just make a sport out of getting him to explode. Other than that - let's just get a room full of guys committed to the team and each other. The kind of room where NO ONE would even THINK about doing the Radulov/Kostitsyn brain cramp. And do NOT give PK or Price mega money. Sure - they should be getting very good money but let them show us they can carry the team deep in the playoffs before they get the 'untouchable franchise player' type cash.
  • Comment on Habs GM search: What we know (2012-04-13 13:12:12)
    agree on the GM team concept - no one guy will be good at everything. Drafting/trades/working the cap/dealing with media etc Put a team together that covers all the bases . McGuire is an example - good knowledge of current NHL rosters and a burning passion for the game - but too excitable for the top job - great choice for assistant. Brisbois is supposed to be a cap genius - also good - probably good for the top job. With two francophones you could even afford to add non-francophones to the team if they had expertise you needed.
  • Comment on Goodbye Canadiens players, hello draft choice (2012-04-10 11:03:30)
    Sorry. No Iggy. Too old, too expensive and too comfortable in Calgary. He had his chance at the deadline to waive his NTC and go to a contender which may have brought good returns back to Flames but he didn't do it. Sundin was the same - could have left Toronto for a shot at the Cup but figured it wasn't worth the upheaval in his personal life.
  • Comment on Video from the last morning in Brossard (2012-04-09 17:22:50)
    Agreed RGM Why take a chance on bringing in a guy to be THE GUY and he might not even want to be here? We have good homegrown stars-in-the-making like Price & Subban. Now we have a chance to grow our own star forward.
  • Comment on Sunday CH videos (2012-04-01 19:26:00)
    It's like Toronto - high priced- lower bowl tickets are mostly corporate or scalped. Seats are sold but empty half the time. Announced attendance usually refers to seats sold - not the turnstile count. Tv Cameras rarely show the upper cheap seats , which are usually filled.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-04-01 09:07:09)
    Agree JF Effort and leadership - always willing to fight for the puck. Assuming he wants to stay in Montreal and I haven't heard that he wants out, why would you move him? Who is realistically available that would bring those qualities and more?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens lose shootout but get a well-deserved point (2012-03-31 19:01:57)
    Does anybody have the inside scoop on these guys? I'm sure they're all talented but what about character? We haer a lot about stats but that's just part of it. Do they take care of business in their own end? Do they actually fight for their space and the puck or are they useless unless they're playing with the "right" people that can "feed" them? Do they make themselves useful when they're NOT scoring? How about leadership? Are they the kind of guys that just spit out broken teeth and take their regular shift? Habs can NOT get this wrong! I'm sure anyone they pick will have a lot to learn and that's OK but they can NOT draft any kind of super-talented-when-he feels-like-it headcase. If Timmons is still making the call I sure hope he's trolling for every scrap of info on these guys. OK - I admit it - I'm nervous.