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  • Comment on A huge win for the Canadiens (2011-10-28 09:19:43)
    Great win last night. Everyone's talking about how we've been winning since Pearn's gone. Truth is, we've been winning without Gomez. Nothing against him personally, but he's got no leadership, an enormous salary, and he's out there gobbling minutes while being so predictable because he has no shot whatsoever. He's got speed and he can carry the puck, but when opposing goalies see him coming, they just look for the pass- he can barely hit an empty net from the blueline. Without him in the lineup, Habs seem more focused, hungrier, and more dangerous. Gionta, Pleks, and Pac line was so much better last night than any Gomez/Gio combo. And Cole is looking like da man. Can't wait for Saturday.