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  • Comment on We’re not making this up (2012-07-20 16:05:15)
    Great commentary from Trevor Timmins about this draft class http://video.canadiens.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=66&id=184536&lang=en It's great that he can finally speak to the fans! The insight into scouting and projecting is wonderful, the interviewer is quite good (and pretty cute), and it's about time that the wall of secrecy that surrounded the Canadiens' organization has finally been torn down!
  • Comment on We’re not making this up (2012-07-20 05:56:52)
    If any of you checked out the article, at the bottom of the page there are a bunch of posts from the people of Anchorage and I was struck by their comments; almost everyone showed nothing but pride and support for Gomez because he has been such an influential figure for the community, a true ambassador for his hometown, and the people are very thankful for what he has done for the city and the state throughout his career. After reading the comments, I began to think that Gomez has really never settled into Montreal, that he has never made this city his "home," and in a way it's really too bad. I would image that had Montreal been kinder to him (in terms of being successful, not in terms of the fan response), he could have been a great person and ambassador for this city; unfortunately, that has obviously not been the case, and his career will end in a very unspectacular way. What a shame.
  • Comment on Flyers make big move (2012-07-19 17:22:26)
    Of course the biggest thing in Holmgren's favour is the massive amount of young, talented NHL prospects that are leading their team. They have picks to give away, their forward core is set and all that they are really missing is a franchise defenceman (a case can be made that they also need a goaltender but that's a whole other story). What I'm trying to say is that it's easy to be trading from a position of power, with a lot of great assets and top notch quality in your system, and have the balls to pull off a move like this one. Montreal simply doesn't have that yet and our GM needs time to build a strong core of talent from within before he can pull off blockbuster moves. I'd give Marc Bergevin some time for him to show his true colours. Holmgren has been at his position for 5 years now, not including an additional 9 years as Assistant GM, and has been successful in building a competitive team (as much as I hate to say it), so I'd give MB the time to get a feel for his new position before expecting him to kill it in trades and signings.
  • Comment on Habs’ division rivals not quiet (2012-07-06 15:56:35)
    Bergevin said recently he wasn't interested in signing Semin (or Jagr at the time) because he didn't think they fit in with the identity that they are trying to create
  • Comment on Profs give Therrien passing grade (2012-07-06 05:36:53)
    Good, I'm glad we're on the same page! I agree with your assessment
  • Comment on Profs give Therrien passing grade (2012-07-05 15:22:11)
    I'd hardly call Plekanec soft. He's 8th amongst centermen in time on ice per game, plays some of the toughest competition in the entire Northeast Division, and still manages to put up over 50 points with over 24 different line combinations in one season. Soft? Overpaid? Please, most teams would give a lot for Pleks
  • Comment on Canadiens development camp begins Wednesday (2012-06-11 18:41:00)
    Ha! Didn't know that, thanks for the info.
  • Comment on Canadiens development camp begins Wednesday (2012-06-11 17:42:06)
    Did you get a chance to see him during the Memorial cup? He was laying out guys with huge hits and he moves the puck very well in all zones. He was also the captain of the team, so I'm not too worried about his development. Besides, I'd rather a big hulking defenseman who plays smart, disciplined, and physical hockey than just a fighter; Gill, in the long run, has been and is a much better player than Komisarek, so if he's a faster and more physical version of Gill, than I'm all for it!
  • Comment on Kings edge Coyotes 2-1, inch closer to final (2012-05-18 11:48:37)
    this is about 3 weeks too late...I had an exam on all this sort of stuff and this would have been a helpful guide to study from!! Dammit!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Devils win 4-2, Flyers on the brink (2012-05-06 18:51:56)
    explain San Jose for the past 8 years