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  • Comment on Game 9: Canadiens snap losing streak (2011-10-26 14:16:15)
    HabsRule1 - I appreciate your comment and couldn't agree more. I've been reading habsinsideout for 4 years now and this is my first comment as I believe the time has come. Bandwagon jumpers, as Habsrule1 said, please jump and don't come back. We're 8 games into the season, this is our slump so we deal with it. If you're no longer a Habs fan when we're in last place, then you were never really a fan to begin with. There are comments on here about tanking the season??? Just don't bother posting anything at all, obviously you don't know hockey. We're playing decent hockey with a beat up roster. The bounces will start to come our way and hopefully the season will turn around. If the Habs go 20 - 62 this season, I'll still watch every game as always and curse at the TV when the Bell Centre "fans" boo our boys off the ice. The season has barely begun, we're two points behind the Stanley Cup Champs! Go Habs Go!