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  • Comment on Duffy, Leblanc shine as curtain falls on Habs development camp (2013-07-09 04:39:04)
    taylor hall is headed that way, a year ago i would've said markov or mike green or crosby (especially like buck pierce with the concussion string), gaborik's been good the past few seasons but used to be a big bandaid, but the title has to go to Rick DiPietro, no ifs ands or buts... It's not even so much recurring injuries, he just breaks everything.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Devils (2013-03-16 15:25:13)
    Anders Hedberg hasn't played NHL hockey in almost 3 decades, and I'm not sure he's great in goal anyway. I'd recommend the devils stick with Johan Hedberg, he seems more game-ready:P
  • Comment on Multimedia from Monday practice (2012-02-20 15:48:39)
    wait did we just decide that price hasn't fully proven himself a star GK yet but Jeff carter is a star center? debatable on both counts... I do agree that plekanec hasn't proven to be elite (except defensively, which is usually valued at 2mill/yr as a 3rd line center), and subban has a lot to prove yet. But keep in mind, subban is a 23yr old sophomore in a slower developing position. I know we're all sick of hearing about his "potential" but we really can't deny that his skating and puck-carrying skills are top notch, you can't name me 5 other players in the league that are better than him in this department. The brains will develop as he matures and gains experience but the skills are already there. Yes, we don't need to give him 5mill/yr yet, not even close, but I guarantee that if gauthier trades subban we'll bemoan him in 3yrs for this transaction above all others. In a rebuild you don't keep all the players who've already proven themselves; you keep the promising youth who are still developing, ie building. Shea Weber wasn't elite as a sophomore either.
  • Comment on Multimedia from Canadiens’ Wednesday practice (2012-02-08 15:13:36)
    The brick in Mr. Molson's pants becomes but a minor turd next year, that 5.5 looks better than this year's 7.5... And to the original comment, although I hate to say and disagree with it, consensus in the media seems to be giving Price 6-6.5mill/yr... I don't think 6.5 makes sense considering what he's done so far, but then I don't think 7.3 for my Mexilaskan bro does either. Also, if A Kost says he's willing to take a discount, couldn't we at least just pencil his salary to stay at 3.25 instead of rising?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Shootout Win! (2012-02-07 15:21:48)
    Just a heads up, as far as I know not toooo many GMs believe the world will end in december 2012, and so they're not going to completely obliterate their team just for a CHANCE to win this year. You don't win one stanley cup and hang up the whole franchise's skates. Obviously they're more likely to sell youth and picks for guys with a limited shelf-life but they're not going to take on the 7.3mill cap-hit for gomez for another couple years just to get the opportunity to add a kost/moen/gill for the offseason, that's ridiculous. And they're not going to send him to the AHL and pay his salary either because believe it or not, teams like florida, nashville, or st. louis haven't collected all that cap space because their GMs couldn't imagine adding more talent; it's because they can't afford to spend more! Self-mandated salary caps need to be factored in
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another home-ice stinkeroo (2012-02-04 17:29:14)
    Clearly isn't gonna be the head coach next year but I'm really hoping he gets an assistant spot back, he's definitely an asset in that role, great with the young guys
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another home-ice stinkeroo (2012-02-04 17:27:24)
    there aren't many other players who can do everything he does, but there's a number of players who can do more for us at 5mill/yr than he can. He's an amazing defensive fwd/2nd to 3rd line center, but u don't pay 5mill. for that, it's the salary cap era
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another blown lead (2012-02-02 15:19:56)
    4 scoring lines?! I guess I can't complain about that, but how r we gonna convince parise n semin to join us? On a side note, how r we gonna convince semin to bother? What if: 1st line Bourque, Plekanec, Parise 4th line: Blunden (or moen), Leblanc, White Then with all that saved money (and discarding weber) we get a different weber on defence? (NOT mike weber)
  • Comment on Liveblog: Not dead! (2012-01-21 16:01:07)
    I've been trying to think like that too, being that I live in Winnipeg, but the Jets are still so hollow to me... It seems you just can't have a second team when the habs are your first, it'll never be worth as much:S
  • Comment on Liveblog: Not dead! (2012-01-21 15:58:12)
    Am I crazy to think that Subban as a winger could be pretty exciting? Anyone who wants to argue his defensive skills are wasted there, especially considering the quality of our other defensive options, would get no debate from me. But still, the grit, the skating, the skill, winning battles along the boards and shielding the puck effectively, could be fun for a game here n there. We're likely not looking at a playoff season here, may as well have fun with what's left of 2011-2012...