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  • Comment on Audio, video and a Price classic (2011-10-25 11:45:34)
    I have tried to resist this moment. As I follow my beloved Habs, I am quietly coming to terms that it's over. We are a team designed to out skate and out chance our oppents, yet we are forced to play a controlled, positional game. We have the wrong personel to implement the current system and every team in the nhl knows it! I knew this would happen when Muller left. He was able to sell the system on the players terms. They may have resisted but he was given respect...they played for him, not JM. I cannot be the only one that sees this unfolding. This team, God I cannot believe I'm saying this, will not play the system. They want him JM gone. I see on the face of JM. When they succeed, and they will by the end of this week, there will be a new face with a system that reflects the personal on the ice. Due to injuries, a system that flexes. The Habs are too small to play a physical game. We are too thin on the back end to do anything to help Carey Price. Hopefully the new coach allows the players to play the game with some passion and commitment to the team. Maybe Ted Nolan is just the man... let's get some passion back into this organization. He has an incredible record for winning and is beloved by his players for his ability to put them into positions to succeed. It's over.