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  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-25 10:22:15)
    according to sources Kirk left montreal because they would never offer him the coaching position as long as he did not speak the local lingo. Sad in this day and age! IF that is what HABS fans want, then settle for a mediocre team. The upper management has to decide if they want a winning team or a media friendly team. They won't have both. In my opinion if the HABS win the francophone fans won't give a damn if the coach does not speak french.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-25 09:18:03)
    MArkstrom played very well last night. As for JM, have never been a fan and will never be a fan. This man will never get us a cup, except from Tims. His style is archaic at best. I am a coach, and if I coached with all the enthusiasm of JM my guys would lose every game. Players ned that boost of energy. JM's ho hum attitude and lack of passion for the game, is killing the spirit of hockey in Montreal