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  • Comment on Newcomers in, Spacek returns, Emelin out (2011-10-24 19:21:48)
    well said lukas - although I can't quite get comfortable with Roy as a GM. They had their next coach from Hamilton last year and they let him go - what a shame. As far as the language goes, speaking french IS a reality and necessary. They don't necessarily need a francophone coach as much as they need someone who is willing to learn (Gionta for example). No one cares how much of an accent you have as long as you win games. The only critics you may have are the rabid french media but who needs them anyway (WIN).
  • Comment on Newcomers in, Spacek returns, Emelin out (2011-10-24 19:12:50)
    If you look at your hab history, you will see that this franchise just doesn't do blockbuster deals. The last one happened decades ago when the Habs picked up Chelios and Savard from Chicago. Don't hold your breath....