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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Leafs (2013-02-28 10:41:13)
    The Habs coaching staff are doing a GREAT job and though Therrien is getting all the acolades and deservedly so, the two assistants are doing an amazing job and the players are responding (and they had better heed their instructions). Prust does not look for trouble but he will defend his comrades from overly aggressive opponents who took liberties last year. He needs help though and I am sure there are more trades coming (Kaberle, Armstrong). Bergevin knows the western conference and there will more trades before the deadline: bring in some tough players. Mikee
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens sign Colby Armstrong, Francis Bouillon, Brandon Prust (2012-07-03 11:58:07)
    I like the signings More toughness and grit - don't need to have Georges come to the rescue. It was the HABS who stopped the Broad Street Bullies in '76 by beating them at their own game in their own rink. Habs were weak last year in the "toughness" department. Habs need players to stand up to the Bruins and Phillies. Good start Also, Therrien will be a good, hard coach and so will his assistants. Players will not come off a shift without sweating - no coasting here (Gomez)! The tough players will allow the offensive guys to be more confident in their game. As Conn Smythe said "If you can't beat them in the alley, you can't beat them on the ice". Mikee
  • Comment on Update: Darche has played his last with Habs (2012-06-29 10:57:17)
    I like Marthieu Darche. He is a hard worker, plays a smart game and is worth more to the team than the 7 million dollar man on the roster. I think he will make a great coach someday. Mikee
  • Comment on Canadiens back at practice rink (2012-03-19 10:58:40)
    The forwards, other than the Cole, Desharnais, Pacioretti line and Pleks and Eller are going through the motions. It looks to me like they are "coasting" and looking forward to the golf season. The defense is too young to and raw to play at this level for a full year. Emelin, PK, Georges are good but the rest are average. Need more veterans on D who are "pluggers" The team and organization are a mess and need a top hockey informed executive. Management is displayed on the ice. RC is a good assistant coach and appears to be in over his head at times as head coach - good man though and an asset to the organization. Not fair to have been thrown in the way he was! Mikee
  • Comment on Liveblog: Not dead! (2012-02-13 10:42:30)
    Eller made Phaneuf look like a rookie on his goal. The team is playing well and that is a tribute to RC and his coaching staff. RC was a hard nose player who took no prisoners and played a solid game. He has the Habs playing the same way now. PK is listening and performing better and the whole team is playing as RC wants them to play. Send Gomez to the minors cause no one else will pick him up (maybe Toronto). The COACH on Coaches Corner NEVER has anything positive to say about the Habs - maybe cause he loss so often to them in the 70's. A lot has been made about RC not speaking French, well on my southern travels I meet many Frenchmen who cannot speak English and make no effort to learn. What is good for one group is not good for the other. The coach should be the best coach and not the best FRENCH speaking coach. Good job Randy - at the end of the season we should keep you on and get rid of Gauthier. Mikee
  • Comment on The CHardiac Kids (2012-02-10 10:20:53)
    Gomez - it is about time. Scores a goal and makes a bonehead play on the 2nd goal by Streit. He should have hit him and sent him flying instead he plays the puck. Let see if there is any continuity in scoring goals or going back to old ways - I actually saw him in front of the net once. Pleks - great 2 way player Pacs - would have eliminated Boston last year if Chara had not broken his neck (AND he did not have the puck) Cole - grear worker game in and game out PK - starting to play as a TEAM player. He has great skills and perhaps he is starting to listen to RC and RL Moehn - starting to get his legs back Gill - he is a Stanley Cup winner and should be leading as one who has been there. Coach - he always played hard and was a very good 2 way player. The players should LISTEN to him. I think they are coming around (digging in corners, going to the net). Overall, the team is improving thanks to RC. Darche - he would make a great coach - Montreal should not let him get away. GO Habs GO - Do it to Toronto Mikee
  • Comment on Liveblog: Man, they needed that! (2012-01-26 10:17:08)
    RC is a very good coach. He played hard and expects his players to play hard. The entire team is playing hard, skating well, finishing checks, gong into corners and in front of the net. Cole is the best player on the team. Emelin hits and is agressive - good solid rookie, does not back down - a pleasure to watch. PK PK PK -get your head on right! It is NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!! Martin played you when he should have benched you. RC will NOT placate you (aka second period last night). You have the potential to be a Bobby Orr but not with your lame - brain attitude. How about AK on the point on the power play? RC is turning this team around. In the next ten games, they will be playing his type of hockey consistently. Playoffs???? Maybe! Mikee
  • Comment on Bad news piles up (2012-01-13 10:29:09)
    I have been a Hab fan since 1960. The strength of the team has been at the upper level: ownership and GM's - Selke, Pollock, Savard) I think Gainey was "tired" when he took over the Habs but he should have stuck with Julien as coach (but there was a goalie problem with Huet and Theodore - Julien wanted Huet and Gainey wanted Theodore who had just got a big contract). Gauthier seems to react instead of having a long term plan. I think Martin would be a better GM than coach Where are the leaders? Why is Gill not providing leadership? He won a cup with Pittsburgh and knows what it takes to be successful. I think there are a lot of problem in the dressing room that we do not hear about (which is the way it should be). Though I think PK is one of the best offensive D's in the league, I however, believe he is a drawback to the team and a negative influence (Selfish). He's gotta go to a western team. Defence is too young to compete at this level - expecting too much from them. Traded to many experience D's from last year's team. Yes, I think the coach is doing a good job under very strenous circumstances and people should be supporting him. Mikee
  • Comment on The year begins with a W (2012-01-05 17:05:10)
    Great game by Lars AK - fantastic skating, hitting and grinding. Cole - again has a good game - gets "involved". Moehn - need more players like him Emelin - great fearless hitter Cammaleri - gotta get going soon; need your goals. Overall, I find the Habs are playing "tougher" under RC who was not a wimp when he played. The team was too "soft" under Martin. Mikee
  • Comment on A huge win for the Canadiens (2011-10-28 13:02:59)
    Habs need to get tougher: in the 50's Bouchard and Richard et al took care of business in the 60's Fergy - did not allow anybody to mess with the players in the 70's they beat the Broad Street Bullies at their own game in the 80's Knuckles Nilan had no fear In the 90's and 2000's no one comes to mind other than LaRaque Habs are a soft team and need someone to step up to stop the intimidation: Georges and PK cannot do it. Eller needs to bulk up: he has all the attributes but is not forceful enough: even Beliveau in his rookie year had to fight a few fellas to get some space and respect. Look at what Pete Mahovlich accomplished after he did not back down. I like the two new aquisitions. Diaz is very fast and plays smart and the D is formidable. Gotta get Emelyn back on the ice - he plays hard and mean Gotta get PK back on the PP Gomez is not worth the money - a 3rd or 4th line player at best not a top 6: 7 goals for 7 million last year is a disaster and a waste of $$ AK AK AK - get involved - you always seem to be on the periphery of the action Habs will be fighting for a playoff spot come the spring: Leafs are playing hungry, have people not afraid to mix it up and I think will leave the Habs chasing them (I hate to say that) Mikee