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  • Comment on Pacioretty, Tretiak, Ovechkin featured in Friday’s gala charity auction (2012-02-02 13:02:00)
    McGuire was a coach and scout. He had no success in Hartford and surely nobody would allocate any credit to him for the success the Penguins enjoyed while he was with that organization. He has not held any job with an NHL club in roughly 15 years. Do those of you who believe he would be a good GM think the rest of the league is simply wrong about this guy?? So far as I can tell, there is nothing in McGuire's past to suggest he can handle the duties of a GM, nor does he appear to me to have the savviness for the job. Perhaps he is a good judge of talent. He may even be a good game strategist. If true, then let's bring him on as a scout, assistant coach or video coordinator. But I do not understand how or why anyone can reasonably believe that his years as a TV analyst have equipped him to negotiate player contracts or transactions with other managers, interpret and apply the CBA to best manage the cap, and otherwise lead an organization. McGuire is very opinionated and expresses his views with passion. He is a good analyst. He speaks French. If that qualifies him to be the next GM of the Habs, then godspeed to him! But I think the organization and the fans deserve better.
  • Comment on Liveblog: The Lars Eller Show (2012-01-04 13:32:23)
    Subban - Gorges Gill - Kaberle Diaz - Emelin Weber has not been part of the mix on D. So, if Campoli is playing, one of Diaz or Emelin must be sitting out. Or, maybe it's Kaberle. That could explain his absence from the morning skate.
  • Comment on Liveblog: The Lars Eller Show (2012-01-04 13:09:17)
    If Campoli is back in, who's out on D? Cammalleri and Kaberle were apparently the only regulars who did not participate in this morning's optional skate. What's the story there?
  • Comment on HIO at practice: Fight! (2012-01-02 12:50:25)
    Thanks for enlightening me Mark! Now the Gorges contract makes all kinds of sense because you would have us believe he stands alone and there are no comparables. Surely that's what his agent argued.
  • Comment on HIO at practice: Fight! (2012-01-02 12:38:16)
    If we did not have the leverage to sign him to an appropriate contract then we should have let him find out at season's end that no other team overvalues him the way we do. My intention was not to be critical of Josh, and he doesn't have to QB the PP. But, in a cap world, a d-man drawing a $4M salary needs to put points on the board, or opposition forwards through the end boards. Doctors who happily admit mistakes? That's dangerous! Let's hope they're off the payroll.
  • Comment on HIO at practice: Fight! (2012-01-02 11:57:49)
    I like Gorges. He works hard and is good in the room. But at this level I believe you pay your d-men to intimidate the opposition or QB the offence. Gorges does neither of those things. Kris Letang, who will win a Norris Trophy some day, is making $3.5 M. Dan Girardi, who is playing 27 minutes a night for the top team in the East, and has almost as many BS as Josh and nearly twice as many hits, makes $3.3 M. Nevertheless, the AAV is not completely unreasonable and Josh will always play his arse off. What really troubles me about this deal is knowing that we could have signed him last summer to a long term K at a lower cap hit, likely in the range of $2.75M - $3.3M (consistent with contracts for similar players like Seidenberg (BOS), Ericsson (DET), Polak (STL) and Robidas (DAL)). That's on PG. Are we to believe that the same doctors that endorsed the Markov deal, preached caution with regard to Josh's knee? Could they have really been so completely effing wrong about both players?? Or, is PG just a rotten poker player. Molson better replace him before he gets fleeced again in contract talks for Price, Subban and our other RFAs.
  • Comment on Carriere: LL could stick (2011-12-29 11:08:27)
    The GM candidates that have been bandied about by the media are completely laughable. None of these guys (e.g. A. Savard, Damphousse) has done anything to suggest he is capable of managing a hockey club with any success. We would be the joke of the league if McGuire was our GM. If language didn't matter (and it shouldn't) Molson would be wise to think outside the box a little and hire Don Meehan. He is the best agent in the game and has been fleecing GMs in contract negotiations for years, including PG. He probably watches as much if not more hockey than most scouts, and is plugged in at all levels of the game. Trouble is, it would likely take a king's ransom and then some to convince him to leave his agency, IF he would even be interested at all. The GMs of last year's Cup finalists (Gillis and Chiarelli) are both lawyers and ex player agents.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Still 0-for-Cunneyworth (2011-12-22 16:54:37)
    It is absolutely incomprehensible to me that Savard and Damphousee are the candidates being bandied about as possible successors to PG as GM of the Habs. Savard has been out of the league for nearly 20 years! Does anyone actually believe he has the knowledge of the league and cap system to manage a hockey club in today's NHL?? Surely the game has passed him by. As for Vinny D, did Mr. Gagnon really raise the fact of his being the last great centreman on our roster to support his candidacy for GM?? I wonder what he thinks of the spousal assault charges. Yes he worked for the PA but those positions are filled through patronage appointments and everyone knows that Saskin and Goodenow were the only PA execs with any authority to make business or other decisions affecting the players. If the search for the next GM is limited to candidates who formerly played in the league I fear that our beloved Habs will never return to their rightful place as perennial Cup contenders. Every other major professional sports league has abandoned the school of thought which posits that managers must be ex players. The notion is absolute nonsense! The Red Sox hired Theo Epstein - not a former player - and they won a World Series for the first time in decades. The GMs of the Tampa Rays, Blue Jays and Texas Rangers never played major league ball and yet they are among the most highly regarded young minds in baseball. Why? It's quite simple. They're smart, business savvy and, in the case of Epstein, a trained lawyer. NHL owners need to accept that playing the sport does not qualify you to interpret and negotiate contracts, and manage a payroll. Their failure or unwillingness to change their hiring philosophy despite watching as player agents continually fleece their GMs in contract negotiations is truly baffling to me. Any one of the knowledgeable fans who regularly comment on this site would be a better choice for GM than Savard or Damphousse.
  • Comment on Liveblog: 0-for-Cunneyworth (2011-12-21 16:52:30)
    Randy's perplexing decision to sit Emelin again notwithstanding, I have a feeling the Habs get on a roll starting tonight with a 4-2 win over CHI. GHG!
  • Comment on The road trip resumes (2011-12-21 12:55:14)
    According to TSN, Alexei Emelin will not play tonight ... again. WTF? I would much rather see Diaz or Campoli sit out.