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  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-18 09:04:08)
    If Campoli and Kaberle aren't two of the worst D men the Habs have ever had, someone correct me. What a shame to have these guys playing and not bring up someone from the minors to get some playing time.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Shootout W! Amazing!! (2012-01-12 04:32:59)
    This team - which calling it a team is a mistake has lost its way and will not find its way into the playoffs. What is worse is the give it up attitude that is displayed on the ice. As a fan all you want is for your team, your guys to compete, show they're inspired, make an effort. Trading malcontents and guys who are not producing must be the next step. Trade for draft choices. As we've seen this can get a team competing a lot more quickly than most have ever believed due to the quality of the younger guys these days.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Happy 2012! (2012-01-01 11:21:54)
    Sad....we have a team that just doesn't compete. Not one leader. Cole tries, he's the only one I see with an effort nite after nite. PK plays immature. Pach and Pleky are busts, no guts. Perhaps the hit on Pach last year has him scared, he plays that way. We have a handful of guys I would keep, otherwise, make deals for the future. Bring Carbo back. Find a real NHL GM, I don't care what language he speaks
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-30 06:10:57)
    At least the guys are playing well...on the most part. Cycling more, still not enough, back checking, speed game, making plays, scoring. D will continue to be a problem. Trade Kaberle, Cammalleri, Campoli, Weber, Gionta. Get some draft picks. No playoffs this year. No neg nellie, realistic, look at the numbers, they are the tale of the tape. 2011-2012 here we come?
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-30 06:08:14)
    No way bring JM back. At least now the guys are playing well...on the most part. Cycling more, still not enough, back checking, speed game, making plays, scoring. D will continue to be a problem. Trade Kaberle, Cammalleri, Campoli, Weber, Gionta. Get some draft picks. No playoffs this year.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-18 08:39:31)
    When the Habs go up against a good team, we see the result. We have no grit, no determination. Did anyone see a Hab making a hit? Did we see any cycling in the offensive zone? Maybe from Cole and Desharnais....Desharnais? Yes, he's the only Hab who plays from behind the O net. No guts, no glory, compete. It's time to try and get rid of many of the guys who have no compete and get draft choices, build for the future. By the way, the "myth" about the Habs drafting the top two Quebecois until the middle 60's, just another twist. Yes no drafting the top two Quebecois, but, each NHL franchise had exclusive rights to players within its 50-mile territorial limits. So Canadiens could browse the neighbourhood rinks near Montreal, bring their future picks into this zone and essentially have a lock on their future needs, primarily, Quebecois. Now it takes genius, something we haven't seen since Scotty was in charge
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-12-16 21:03:39)
    The Coaching, the GM, yes they have an impact on the team. Over the years, we haven't had a GM who could draft, get the free agents, we needed, a real teams needed. The Habs were great in the ole days because they won through the draft and brought along their own players. Even though they used to get the 2 best Quebecois, before anyone else could. The past few years we've gotten better in the draft, but, the free agents ugh.....no help until Cole. Bust this group up, get more draft choices and rebuild and take a few losing seasons to get there. Then we have a longer run, into the playoffs and perhaps the Cup
  • Comment on Liveblog: Gorges pops one in OT (2011-11-11 18:43:10)
    No size up front..? Or nobody wants to hit the corners, cycle the puck and set up a play! The latter, i believe. Cole has good speed and makes the hits. But, who else?! Pecky is only an open ice player, loses the puck anytime he's along the boards. Cami, and Gionta are the same. Never mind the deplorable work in the tough areas as Gomer displays = lack of toughness. What ever happened to the grinders? The guys who could intimidate physically and by play? Sorry - until this kind of play returns, the Habs will flounder, win, lose, lose, win. Get no where.
  • Comment on No Max-Pac for Flyers (2011-10-26 09:59:32)
    This is gut check time. Here was a team that did well in the playoffs - not great. So there were high hopes for a good year. Perhaps a few bad decisions on letting a few guys go. But, my take is we really felt the arrivals, return of Georges and we were hopeful that Markov would have returned by now would have settled the D down, Price would have a good year and the O would be in form. The Moon and the Stars didn't line up. Who will step up?! Do we have a leader? Where is the instigator - tough guy who can bet the boys excited? Remains to be seen...!!! Coaching?? GM?? Not good and hasn't been better than just good.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Barnburner at the Bell, and another L (2011-10-23 09:36:13)
    The Habs continue to play a style of game that just won't get them far. Yes, lots of speed. Lots of shots - but - the shots are from the point and from forwards just entering the offensive zone. (lucky last night, bad goaltending) On net, yes. But, they are hesitant to put the puck into the corners, battle, cycle, set up a man in front of the net. They don't win those battles - too small so their game is gun and shoot. Maybe ok for a 4 - 8 seed and certainly not a Cup contender. No guts, no glory. But, yes, we need to right size and skill set. Earl Raven