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  • Comment on Putting a human face on the Erik Cole trade (2013-03-02 09:35:17)
    Can MTL sign Stortini to a contract and call him up when need be? Prust does need help, esp. with the real big guys. Kinda like the mid 80's when the NHL got flooded with "Tuff guys" and we had Kordic backing up Nilan.
  • Comment on It’s official: Habs open season against Maple Leafs (2013-01-13 01:35:16)
    Tickets will always be sold out! how many working people can actually go to a game? Bring your kids? You look at Toronto's lower bowl during an intermission, its empty till the 3rd period!, they no longer care about hockey. as long as the tickets are sold! I bought a brick. they tell me it will be replaced! where? i bough a 10 game sesone ticket! which is what i can affotd! no news for that? I support the MTL Canadiens, so I don't see why i have to PAY more money to see the Leafs at an inflationed price! Why is this 2 2points worth more than others?
  • Comment on Cole carves Hamrlik, not surprised by NHL’s rejection (2012-11-22 12:14:47)
    What is going on with HNIC "Your Pick" its no longer on the CBC website to vote.
  • Comment on Again, Tim Thomas (2012-07-29 01:39:13)
    I understand, Summer is a slow time. But everyone is intitled to their own opinion on such matters! Tim Thomas views on gay marriage is not right or wrong. Its his choice! HIO should put out old topics on the HABS in the summer months daily to drum up interest in topics. To get peoples take on days gone by on certian issues. Maybe we can learn something new form old stories form older members. My favorite player was John Kordic. Any stories except the obvious?
  • Comment on Habs release list of qualifying offers to their RFAs (2012-06-26 11:57:36)
    Bernie Parent
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-03-25 04:08:26)
    You have some nerve saying "Indian Gift" When pure Qubecois media ruined the team! Along with grouping laraque with the the rest. Your comment points out the obvious, too little too late. Good luck in restoring the "Les Glorieux" With your limited mind set! As long as you keep drinking the Molson Kool-Aid and believe both a french speaking coach and GM will lead the Habs back to the promiseland is right up their with restoring the buildings and bridges of Montreal who also share your opinion of the urgency of a french speaking coach!
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-04 02:00:42)
    how can anyone knock Moen, White or Staubitz? These 3 play their heart out every shift, and will drop them if need be? MTL has to focus more in their divsion first, than eastern conf, before even looking at "the west". Thats where the points come from. You think NYR got Scott because they are tinking about the West?
  • Comment on Idle Canadiens drop to 13th (2012-02-19 01:33:21)
    Why even post something with Rap and the Expos? they were 2 different era's
  • Comment on Liveblog: Not dead! (2012-01-21 23:53:57)
    I am not Anonymous, my screen name is right there, just becuse idont hide behind an outdated guy with a beard does not make me anonymous! I speak the truth!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Not dead! (2012-01-21 22:53:09)
    If Subban was White, French Quebec and was named Gaston- Pierre Tremblay, there would only be talk about the potential of this young 2nd year player who is suffering the growing pains of being thrust into the #1 defence spot on the most demanding team! after mario tremblays stint in MTL as coach, he should never even try to form an opinion!