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  • Comment on Liveblog: Lightning at Canadiens (2013-04-18 23:28:05)
    I can't believe it took 44 games to break up the man n wife, PAC n DD. I don't need to say who the wife is in this relationship either. Personally, I say leave Eller with the 2 Gally boys for good. This line is our future, and Eller a true #1 Center to be. He has size, skill, hands, and actually knows what he is doing in the defensive zone. I can't say the same for DD. sure, h has skill, but none of the other qualities that make you a #1 Center. Nevertheless, I will save my rant for the playoffs when we really see how silly DD will look when the big boys come out to play. For now i will just be happy we won a game and hopefully get back on track and realize only last season we were worst in the east ..... PS. next time TSN, lets NOT let the guys know that they have clinched the playoffs lol......GO HABS GO
  • Comment on Multimedia: Habs react to 5-4 OT loss to Leafs (2011-10-23 00:22:54)
    Totally agree buds
  • Comment on Multimedia: MRI Friday for Gomez; Markov rehabbing in Florida for another week (2011-10-21 19:13:30)
    You forget one simple thing man. Kirk muller was behind the bench for the habs success. And if u like JM's coaching style so much in this new ear of the NHL, u should stop watching Livew games, and get some older footage of the NJ Devils to watch....Cause thats the last time that this coaching strategy has worked.
  • Comment on Multimedia: MRI Friday for Gomez; Markov rehabbing in Florida for another week (2011-10-21 19:01:02)
    Here's how i see it: First off Fire Gauthier and martin for obvious reasons Hang on to these players: -Price: Franchise Goalie, a guy to build a team around -Subban: Not much needs top be said here. Another guy to build a team around -Max P: Size, grit, skilled, and young only to get better -Weber: Young, skilled, PP specialist with a bomb from the point -Emelin: Young, size, takes the body well, skilled with the puck, great first past. Probably one of our best off season additions to the roster -Gionta: Great leader, fast, skilled, just needs someone to play with -Eller: young, skilled, size, and speed. great hands, just needs to be put back at Center where he belongs -Kostitsyn: size, lead team in hits, greta hands, sick shot, just needs a different coach and not be placed on the bottom 2 lines -Diaz: has shown great all around ability, just needs a little more time to get use to the NHL level of play -Cammy: Great goal scorer, not a penalty killer Martin. -Plekanec: can do everything, score, great passer, faceoffs, kill penalties. complete package -Gill: on the fence with this guy, b ut great leader, great 5-3 PK guy to have and has size. So i will keep him in this list for a while anyway -Cole: fast for his size, takes the body hard, which is what we need more of. got an awesome shot, just needs a new coach and philosphy, and not be on the 3rd line and see his PP minutes taken away from him by the likes of DD and Darche Players to get rid of: -Moen: Old, slow, hands likes bricks. Wouldnt mind him if he was a 3rd or 4th liner, but martin keeps putting him out there on the top 2 lines. need more skill up there -Darche: JUNK, i dont even wanna begin about how terrible he is. He wasnt even good in the AHL, hence why he didnt play his first game in the NHL til 30+ -DD: small, cant win a faceoff, has absolutely NO clue what to do in the defensive end. Out muscled to the puck where ever he is on the ice -Spacek: Old, WAY past his prime, to many mistakes, great career buds but time to hang em up hey -Gorges: Last season he would've been in the keeper list, i dont know if his past injury is still hurting him, but doesnt l;ook good at all this season, maybe needs a change of scenary. -Gomez: I would love to keep him, but to expensive. He is one of the few guys on our team that can gain the zone for use. Has great hart, but just to money. my only reason for dismissal. -Budaj: aka swiss cheese, cant stop a beach ball man, enough said NOTE: i will not mention the AHL guys we have in the lineup or Ryan white just because they are young and still in developement and some of them aren't ready for the NHL as we all know but we are injury riddled again, so we have to cut those guys some slack
  • Comment on It’s officially UGLY (2011-10-20 23:50:31)
    That is one of montreals big problem, the french. Muller should of been the coach. Whats more important, a cup or a french speaking coach.
  • Comment on It’s officially UGLY (2011-10-20 23:46:15)
    I do