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  • Comment on Price to start for Habs against Wings and Emelin will be back in lineup (2014-01-23 16:19:45)
    Because he is not french, and they wanted to butter up brier.
  • Comment on Crosby and Penguins up next for Habs (2014-01-20 09:47:52)
    Good Morning, Today I would like to rant a little. This is regarding the whole PK celebrating issue. I persoanlly believe PK is the best thing that has happen to this organization since Patrick Roy. He is one of the best D'men in the league. All this criticism agains PK would not happen if he was from Red Deer and looked like Drew Doughty, Canada would be praising him for his actions and saying "its the love for the game". Since day 1 I have not like the way Therrien has treated PK, starting with not letting him and Price do there routine celebration, very weak! They are lucky PK has more patience for this crap. There are a lot of other idiots (brad Marchand) who do not get more booed then PK. Wake up people and call a spade a spade. Thank You.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-06 14:35:15)
    Good Post...Agree 100% on both comments. The Montreal Canadians are luck that PK is avery patient person or he would revolted like alot of people do when they get treated like this. PK does not deserve this.....He i sthe best talent thei team has had in a very long time......Why do coach's and GM's become morons when they sign on with this team....MR. BERgevin please wake up...Therrian is not fit as a coach, especially for this team. I knew this the moment he told PK to stop with his celebrating. Therrien was exposed in the Ottawa serious and as a habs fan i felt embarrassed. PK leave this organization you deserve better!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-06 13:00:16)
    Bill, You have lost your mind. Being a successful team has nothing to do with being a French team. Are the boston bruins(boooo), pens, Blackhawks stacked with French players? NO! The reason why this team has not been successful is b/c they we always require a French/englsih speaking coach. Who cares what he speaks, get the man that can do the job. The monteal canadians need to stop making their selection limited. GET THE MAN THAT CAN DO THE JOB, I don't care if all he speaks is French.
  • Comment on Gauthier is gone (2012-03-29 12:19:47)
    Thank GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder who is going to be the next shmuck they bring in to make this team even worse.
  • Comment on Carolina inches closer to Canadiens (2012-02-14 08:49:46)
    I aggree 100%...Well said! Why would we even want to see this team in the playoffs, so they can get knocked out again the first round. This is a mediocre team that is inconsistant. PG needs to go and they need to rebuild, lets stop putting expectations for this year and start worrying about the future. OH YEA! Good job PG for picking up a player that caused the turning point shorthanded goal yesterday. Maybe they shoudl give Karbele & Gomez raises.
  • Comment on Kaberle? Really??? (2011-12-09 21:48:44)
    So shouldn't that comment be removed from Boones Post?
  • Comment on Audio: Blueline swap brings Kaberle in deal for Spacek (2011-12-09 15:03:01)
    What a F*&&^KN joke! PG & JM are the biggest morons in this league. Geoff Molson you a man with no balls for letting this happen, this organization is a joke as well, I am embarrassed to be habs fan. PK & Price if you are smart you will leave this team, you guys deserve better.
  • Comment on Chewing over the latest L (2011-10-25 11:12:57)
  • Comment on Canadiens bulk up for Panthers (2011-10-24 08:40:14)
    jligb21 I agree with you 100%. I am sick and tired of watching our best player being hit and our P*&$@%y of a team does nothing, while we hit the oppsoing teams goalies and they pounce on our guys. If this team is going to have any success we need to get depth and "SIZE", or for the love of GOD do we need size. until coach & GM are not gone this team will not progress.