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  • Comment on Canadiens match 73-year-old futility streak (2011-10-18 23:59:40)
    Some Perspective people. Tonight was a great game. It was a game we should have won, except for one mistake and huge goaltending from Miller. But how many times did Price do that to opponents last year? This is why you can't afford crap games like Toronto, Calgary or Colorado. You have to play every night. I worry about us starting like Toronto, or New Jersey last year and digging a hole so deep we cannot climb out. The east is improved and points will be hard to earn. I am angry with PG for being "sold" on both Markov and Emelin.The latter will be a good Dman in the NHL, but not this year. Markov will not be ready for a while and by the sounds of it, he will not be the same. So PG built his entire defense strategy on "potential" and it's a house of cards. While other teams were trading or signing young, strong blue-liners, we went with "potential". The end result, a poor PP, and the reliance on the goaltending to be perfect. Our depth is taxed and we rely on signing journeymen and cast aways. I sometimes wish we go on a prolonged losing spell, so we can clean house of both PG and Martin. I hate Burke, but you have to admit, Toronto looks like the real thing this year.