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  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-16 09:54:58)
    Yes it is time to get worried. Scoring 5 goals and losing is NOT a good sign. Losing all these faceoffs. Constantly letting Price get run and nobody doing jack about it. Always outmuscled. Least tough team in the league but among the most penalized. Wrong system for this personnel and vice versa. It's as if PG & JM REFUSE to address their obvious shortcomings. Konopka would have been a great, cheap 4th line C (size, faceoff expert, sandpaper). But they refused. Even Steckel for a 4th rnd pick was a steal while PG slept. O'Brien on D instead of more softies. Campoli did not get hurt because of bad luck; it was due to bad management - he should have been signed a month earlier, and then would have had a full camp and been in game shape. He was rushed because sleepy management did not address the lack of experienced D early enough. This lack of being proactive is the same thing that happened last year with PG and his leaky roof analogy - by not dealing with the lack of depth in the summer when players could be had cheap, he instead had to waste a pick and prospect on a plug (Sopel) for 2 months, and then no assets left at the end. Terrible asset management. With an injured Ryan White they should have gotten a big cheap 4th liner who can play (like Winchester) to help protect the team - they did not. If they keep thinking the NHL Refs will deal with this crap, they are dreaming. Marchand punched one of the twins in the final over and over and it wasn't even punished. You don't need any more proof guys - wake up. Reconstruct bottom 3 forwards and bottom 2 D to play in the NHL the way it is, and will continue to be. The teams in our division will continue to use intimidation techniques against our Habs and we will continue to have the most injuries every year and wonder why oh why does our poorly constructed team of small players with no protection have such bad luck!!! It's not bad luck, it's bad management. PLEASE FIX IT Mr. Molson.