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  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-30 21:45:02)
    The best I would give gomez at this point is 4th line mins with moen and nokelainen, maybe a touch of PP time and maybe a little overtime 4 on 4 play where his speed could be effective. If he flunks any of those, i am fully in favour of sending him to hamilton and clearing a lot of cap space even though molson will still have to pay him....which if you own a franchise like this, you have to absorb these kinds of unfortunate hits...moslon HAS to accept this responsability...if gomez doesnt produce and is kept on the team, its counter productive to what we could otherwise do at the FA deadline or trade deadline...
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-30 21:28:32)
    DD is near the top of the team in pts, and is looking stronger game by game...he's figuring it out like he always does...check his stats..yr 1 at each new level is decent, and yr2 he doubles..yr 3 he then stretches it out more...and he's in the process of the same thing at this level. Emelin needs to play and should be spelling both gill and spacek on rotating nights so that he gets to play and they get to stay fresher for the long haul. Makes sense. I really hope emelin stays here and gets comfortable. I think he has shown excellent skill and poise, and will get stronger and better with time. He ought to be made to feel like he is a part of the future. He can help us immensely in the next several yrs. Good for Eller for finishing...good for the confidence.. price is just getting stronger each game. still want another coach...
  • Comment on Game 11: Canadiens win third straight (2011-10-29 12:57:58)
    DD is the man. Notice how paccioretty does well when he's with him? Notice how cole is doing with DD with him? DD is a producer. 2 things; I'd like to see him slightly more intense in the defensive zone and he's got to get a few more shots at the net...but that will come the more he sets up his teamates like he does...the more they score, the more they'll be more closely watched, thereby opening more space for DD to shoot..and he has a has always known how to score goals...he's a beauty..the more he plays, the better he's gonna every level, he adapts and adjusts fairly quickly, and then he starts to rack up points. I think much more is to come from him....he is a workhorse...he needs to become one of the go to guys on the team..he flourishes in roles like that...just watch...
  • Comment on Multimedia from the winning room (2011-10-26 22:53:55)
    Price was solid. We capitalized on our opps when we got them... This core of guys has talent...mixed with the rights drafts, right FA's, right trades, we could be deadly in a few yrs..with the right coaching of course. No need to panic. in the meantime, it wouldnt hurt us all to see the habs finish last once or twice? A true superstar added into our mix would ignite this team...
  • Comment on Liveblog: First home win of the season (2011-10-26 18:40:47)
    Now thats funny!
  • Comment on Liveblog: First home win of the season (2011-10-26 18:39:32)
    Pussy firing. While its certain pearn was not the right guy for the defensemen, he's not the reason we are on this path....JM is the guy we need to cut bait with. Its his system, his style, his lack of emotion, his line juggling..etc..etc.. separate the personal from the professional; JM is a nice guy. He's even a decent coach. He's just not the coach for THIS team. I'm not even sure the league hasn't passed him by.... Firing Pearn alone was gutless and doesnt solve a thing.
  • Comment on Game 9: Canadiens snap losing streak (2011-10-26 16:42:11)
    No deal! First, I LOVE conboy..I actually think he's overlooked on here by many...(hes no saviour, but he can certainly fill a role)...Neil is someone I like, but he's getting long in the tooth and conboy has yrs, I want to see the habs bottom out, draft more and higher and build for the next 5-10...
  • Comment on Game 9: Canadiens snap losing streak (2011-10-26 15:49:18)
    Tanking it doesn't have anything to do with a bandwagon mentality. I want a winner, i dont want mediocre...each of the last 2 yrs were mirages, so to speak...our goalies masked other more systemic issues.... I have long suggested we need to finish worse for a few years in order to get better...and now we have the chance...the upcoming draft looks to be quite deep in the first 7...lets dump gomez to the ahl and have some balls(or tade him if you can), lose AK, Lose Gill(much as I like him), lose gionta(much as I like him) , and get a pile of drafts back...we dont want bodies..we want to tank... build around price, PK, maxpac, eller, desharnais, emelin, diaz, bealieau, kristo, conboy, schults, avtsin, bourneval, leblanc, bennet, tinordi and mix them with a superstar like yakupov, Murray, forsberg or grigorenko and were on th way...we need MORE picks and HIGHER picks...Once we land a superstar, we need some big tough banger guys...weve got to find a good one of these in the late 1st - mid 2nd round... but if we stockpile some picks, and tank the season or 2, and we can remake this team in a hurry with not too much change... We have a very good young core.
  • Comment on Game 9: Canadiens snap losing streak (2011-10-26 14:00:28)
    I agree wholeheartedly with others who say we ought to tank the season...having said that, there's no guarantee we secure the first overall pick... yakupov is dymanic and would be special on this team in a few yrs time...who else besides yakupov is supposed to be "can't miss" in this yrs draft?
  • Comment on Canadiens make moves (2011-10-23 14:00:56)
    Cosmetic. it doesn't matter WHO we get if the coach and system are not thrown out. JM is a good guy- he's not the right coach for this team. Perry Pearn is not the right guy to be the defensemen's coach. PG should be given rope, JM needs to go. Who to get? I dont certainly has not proven successful at all having always needed and hired french coaches. I mean, what have we won under successive french coaches. If the best coach is french, great. If he's english, great. Whatever... There are lots of good candidates. Some might come, some might not...of everyone I saw people suggest, I think crawford is ok, i also like the idea of lemaire gm with roy coach and robinson D coach...I also always liked ted nolan...a young fair tough coach. someone even interim until we can get boucher back...he'll be a better coach anyhow in 3 yrs....