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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-10 14:17:43)
    last night was difficult to watch on many fronts, being habs fans we are often susceptible to overdoing the highs as well as the lows, the early fast start was a great break from the horrors of last season.early on they looked like the team we had been waiting for what seems like forever a team that stood up for one another, a team that gave their all, a team that gave as much of a damn as the majority of their fans and a team that wore that storied jersey with pride. well it appears that the honeymoon period is over. this last week has shown that the rebuild is far from over, an ass kicking every so often is good to keep you grounded and humble. the fact that it was vs toronto on hnic cuts that much deeper but i feel that they will be much better for it. a loss like last nights must eat away at the players pride, yes the majority are overpaid and, growing up in small town saskatchewan i can say with confidence, self entitled jerks but they are professional athletes with an incredibly competitive side that must be wounded at best this morning. they´ll bounce back, part of being a fan is you eat shit and smile...then when the good times roll around you can enjoy it that much more knowing full well that you aren´t a simple bandwagon fan. so after a loss like last night we should simply ask ourselves what kind of fans are we? the type that will simply shit on a team that is already in the dumps or the type that will wear our jerseys/hats/tats with pride and cheer them on when things inevitably turn around? beat the bruins
  • Comment on Canadiens match 73-year-old futility streak (2011-10-18 22:47:47)
    at the risk of being labeled a whiner and a knee jerk i the only one that is getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of sandpaper on this team? it was nice to see moen pushback in the second....but it just seems as though this team is content to try the fancy play and shoot from the net presence in front of their net, looking for rebounds screens etc....none in front of our net either, no one being put on their ass etc....but again this isn´t a new problem is it? to put a positive spin on things there were moments of creativity once in the zone, albeit from the outside, and a lot of shots, just no finish...seems as though the young guys are bringing it more than our supposed veteran leaders.....just have to try and right the ship soon, you dont win the cup in october yes, but you can sure piss away alot of points that get you in the dance........ beat the bruins
  • Comment on “The guiltiest weren’t our inexperienced guys” (2011-10-13 23:16:36)
    frustrating night all the way around....opening night at home and they stunk the joint out....yes its still early, and yes the injuries are piling up....but at some point, as professional athletes....dig deep and put forth some effort....a big hit, net pressure, win some puck long before cole starts hearing the boos? beat the bruins