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  • Comment on Liveblog: Capitals at Canadiens (2013-04-20 18:03:24)
    Hi folks. havent been here for a long time. its been a good run so far this year! hope everyone is jazzed for tonights game. it will be interesting to see if mr price is back in form. go habs!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at ‘Canes (2013-03-07 18:06:34)
    hi fellas been a long time since i have been here. quite a season! one thing im a little bit concerned about in the league is these crazy plays to hurt guys. I dont see why the league isnt taking this more seriously. Its almost a liability issue now. Who wants son or daughter to see that lights out punching? it will keep the game alive for some fight fans but will cost hockey its long term fan base. Another quick note wouldnt playing budaj now be the better move? let carey look at someone else wanting the spot? Just throwing that out there. Go Habs! ice to see folks from other cities showing up again on this board.
  • Comment on Game 3: Canadiens get burned by Flames (2011-10-13 18:37:57)
    hey great seats. welcome back! oh i have no idea a mens club? gee umm(someones watching me type);-) i hear theres things on peel street? but i could be way wrong of course as i have no idea.....
  • Comment on Game 3: Canadiens get burned by Flames (2011-10-13 18:29:06)
    butterfly saved the old timers because of curved sticks i think.
  • Comment on Game 3: Canadiens get burned by Flames (2011-10-13 18:24:18)
    hi there most of the goals are scored low along the ice. the style that loooo used to play was a half crouch but ahem he got lazy. now he goes right down and counts on total coverage of the net. not good. he should be coached to go back to the low crouch ,its a killer on a long back though,dryden play the same stance. best goalie right now who doesnt get beat over his shoulder...price and bryzgalov. what a steal for the flyers;-). incredible. but getting back on message most goals are scored in down low in a scrum type thing.
  • Comment on Game 3: Canadiens get burned by Flames (2011-10-13 18:14:21)
    hi i dont know how to do anything but reply. i was a goalie, the principle reason goalies do this,is for screens yes, but more importantly almost always, if theres a rebound they are down low to cover it up. the idea is by the end of the game your glove is as heavy as a brick ,so ultimately good goalie coaches teach the kids to use as little energy as possible for every movement. this is what proulx teaches my son now. as well there is different styles still in the league. so if you have long pads get down and across quickly, if short move out and puff up like marty, or steve mason who has long arms and short legs ,so he plays a reverse vector. the best goalies play an extremely tailored style. something like a big flashy save like thomas means hes caught out of position but because hes so athl;etic he can make the play. where a guy like price can put you to sleep with his outstanding positional play. go habs.