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  • Comment on Hockey returns to Bell Centre (2011-10-13 12:14:01)
    Well not the next year but the first full year later Tanguay had 69 pts, Souray 58 and Komo had 10 (career high 19). Forgive me, but do you mean Mathieu Schneider? The guy who retired at the end of the 09-10 season at 40 years old? It's easy to shit on the Markov signing now when we don't know anything. He's a far superior player to Wiz, a leader on the ice and in the locker room, not to mention a life long Hab. The notion that PG has made a mistake before the dude has even played a game is asinine. It's in the same league of absurdity with PG signing guys without doing medical background checks. This is pro sports. Millions of dollars. Markov is experiencing an unexpected set back. Let's just wait and see how this year plays out. I am willing to wait for Markov and am happy to not have to sit through Wiz turnovers and his impulsive, aggressive, penalty taking boners. JF