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  • Comment on Canadiens hold blood donor clinic (2011-11-02 07:39:24)
    In the good old days, Tremblay and Burt Raymond ruled. They had inside access and leakers. They would print their scoops and walk around like rock stars like they knew more than everyone else. They even served a purpose to get on the lazy guys or set the table to run someone out of town. No more. That's why the grizzlies are p*ssed.
  • Comment on Canadiens hold blood donor clinic (2011-11-02 07:16:04)
    You're in the wrong toilet. Open the door, take a left turn and another left turn then another left turn and you should arrive at your desired location.
  • Comment on Canadiens hold blood donor clinic (2011-11-02 07:11:05)
    There is some nice middle ground between the Blowhard in Toronto and the Ghost in Montreal. The guy on the other side of the 401 kisses every camera and mike within a mile. The guy on this side believes he will get some fatal plague. It's easy to understand how the Ghost of Montreal wants to control the message as the media here try and twist and turn and play gotcha with every word and at every turn, but some common sense should apply. Withholding interviews sometimes also says a lot about how you trust the people that work for you. What could Ladouceur say that would make the Omerta house of cards come tumbling down?
  • Comment on A huge win for the Canadiens (2011-10-28 09:08:40)
    Fire Gauthier Fire Martin Fire the usherette in section 105 Fire the guy who makes the hod dogs-no, never fire him OOPS the Habs won? Just reminding the idiot crowd for next time when you want to bail after a loss or 2
  • Comment on Panthers continue roster makeover (2011-10-24 10:47:08)
    Florida was remade during the offseason by GM Dale Tallon and Assistant GM Michael Santos, starting even before the July 1 free agency period when, flush with a huge amount of cap space. +++++++++ They were not flush with a huge amount of cash. They were $15 million below the cap floor and were FORCED to spend all kinds of money just to get there without suffering huge penalties and fines.
  • Comment on Canadiens bulk up for Panthers (2011-10-24 07:41:22)
    Todd kicks anything that's down. You would never want to be a pet in that house
  • Comment on Canadiens bulk up for Panthers (2011-10-24 07:02:06)
    Nothing there. Too little too late with a team built wrong. Someone should buy Gauthier a map of the world and circle the country called Canada. Hockey is played in that country where the boys actually care. Forget about squirts and soft Euros and NCAA Americans. Get some over 6 foot +200 pound proud Canadians that don't crap in their pants when the going gets tough. If you can't do that, at least get some French Canadians instead of the token 2 you have now. Not true? Name me one habs fan not cringing this week with Philly and a Boston home and home coming up. Little guys that even try to play big get hurt. Watch the injury list next Sunday.
  • Comment on Gorges explains error (2011-10-19 10:19:54)
    Don't worry Josh. Hey PG I know Hamrlik is old and washed up. So tell me why he is playing 21:30 for the Caps D and 2nd highest on the team? First unit penalty kill and second unit powerplay. So the guy isn't good enough for us @ $3.5M but good enough for the Cup contending Caps. Oh yea, that 2nd year of salary was a real deal breaker with Spacek gone next year.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-19 09:39:53)
    Ron Wilson Washington Cup final 1998
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-19 09:12:16)
    No.You can see the list here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_NHL_statistical_leaders#Regular_season_games_coached