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  • Comment on Liveblog: Eastern semifinal Game 7 – Bye-bye Bruins! Canadiens win 3-1, advance to Conference final (2014-05-14 18:47:41)
    Go Habs go!!! I have faith... #believe
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-04 03:06:47)
    One thing I loved and didn't expect tonight was Subban waiving off his guys who stepped in to defend him when he got launched into the net. Smart play so that no one takes a stupid penalty. Very mature of him.
  • Comment on It’s time for hockey fans to vent (2012-10-05 12:06:43)
    People are forgetting that not all players make millions, and considering the career of a player is relatively short due to the strain on the body, I can understand why the players are fighting. They need the money they make over 10 years to last 30-40 years. Sure the stars are overpaid, and should take a pay cut, but the owners who are profiting huge should also not be complaining about paying a contract that they committed to. Also players should not be responsible for paying the salaries on teams that are struggling. The players didnt choose to put a team there, the buttman did! Also, there is no reason why he should be paid more than the American president, who's salary by the way is only 400 000 per year. So why isn't buttman giving up any of his salary in this dispute?
  • Comment on THN ranks Carey Price as No. 5 goalie in NHL (2012-09-21 14:33:48)
    For once I agree with the Toronto biased hockey news, with the exception of brodeurs ranking. I was kinda shocked we didn't see reimer in the top spot, haha
  • Comment on And it’s official: NHL lockout begins (2012-09-16 01:50:54)
    Sorry, meant when the lockout is over, not strike
  • Comment on And it’s official: NHL lockout begins (2012-09-16 01:50:23)
    Sorry, meant when the lockout is over, not strike.
  • Comment on And it’s official: NHL lockout begins (2012-09-16 01:49:52)
    We need to "strike" against bettman. When the strike is over, as fans we vow not to watch the games until buttman is relieved of his duties. You know, at the centennial game, by luck I was within 5 feet of him for about a minute, and for some reason, I didn't throw my drink at him. I think at the time I thought it was a waste of beer!
  • Comment on THN predicts Habs will finish in 13th place (2012-08-18 13:38:01)
    Such biased bullish!t always coming out of the hockey news! One of the only hockey based news sources I avoid regularly
  • Comment on Again, Tim Thomas (2012-07-26 22:20:56)
    Habfan, it's a big deal because as a (semi)celebrity, he has a lot of young impressionable followers, and if they idolize him, they will take up his views (rational or not) and become hate mongers themselves! I believe in freedom of speech except when that speech is explicitly calling to take away some of the rights and freedoms of other groups/races/religions/etc, and that is exactly what he is calling for! He is publicly siding with a company that openly gives to groups like "the family foundation" that are saying gods wrath will come down on us for accepting gays in our society! It disgusts me that anyone these days can be so public with their hate for another group of people like this and it doesn't even get classified in most cases as discrimination because they say it in a so called "politically correct" way
  • Comment on The latest on Shane Doan (2012-07-23 03:26:09)
    I love how we are all supposedly habs fans in here but we fight amongst ourselves more than we fight with the leafs! No wonder everyone says we are the worst fans in the NHL! Doan would be great and not extremely unlikely considering he has family on the team, and his agent has confirmed his interest just said not ready to decide. As for Gomez, we need him off the cap hit so however we do it, great, let's just get it done. Even if he has another 30-40 point season in him (definitely not 60), it's not worth the hit of 7 mill on a team that needs to use that cap hit on an actual offensive 70+ point scorer. I am a fan of what Gomez has done, and players love playing with him, but the cons by far outweigh the pros. All of this is just my opinion, mostly based on what agents and bergevin have said to the media, and I absolutely respect all the other opinions on this board and think everyone's point is valid as none of us can predict what will actually happen!