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  • Comment on Cherry’s bomb backfires (2011-10-08 02:52:02)
    Its interesting that because you don't agree with Cherry or Milbury's opinions that you choose to use words like "acolytes," and "myopic," while you laud a guy like Thomson who owes every financial success he's ever enjoyed - including more than above average compensation as an enforcer and his NHLPA pension - from fighting. Than for Thomson to come out against the very thing that allowed him to enjoy quasi-fame, fortune and a more than comfortable retirement is INDEED the exact definition of a hypocrite. He's also a self confessed addict of illegal drugs and alcohol so I have no issue with the puke comment either, as he is "violating the criminal code" he so dearly wishes to defend from fighting himself with his illegal narcotic addiction. Hypocritical indeed yet again. But finally, to even bother to listen to Chris Nilan is an absolute joke. Nilan is a junkie of the lowest form, a guy who has sexual harassment, theft, assault, and indecent exposure on his resume in his post playing career. Essentially a lowlife addict, I have no sympathy for Nilan and his opinions are worthless. Heroin, pills, etc... All ILLEGAL drugs but the left wingers hang on his every word. Here is evidence Nilan did call for a ban on fighting: Despite Nilan's claims he never said fighting should be out of the game, he was quoted last month by the QMI agency calling for a ban. "The NHL should ban fighting because it's no longer a factor in the games." "Fighters these days can even be called up before the games," he said. "Come on, it makes no sense." As far as Im concerned all you have to do is watch the reaction of the rinks after a good fight - The NHL is in the ENTERTAINMENT business ladies and gentlemen, and the fans love the fighting plain and simple. It plays a role as an active deterrent as well, but that has been effectively neutered by the implementation of the "instigator" rule. This allows the "super pest" types like Lapierre, Cooke, Ruutu, etc... to run around and cheap shot others without fear of retribution. As Brian Burke has said, "When they take fighting out of the game, thats when Im out as well " (paraphrased). I've played and coached the game at all levels from minor hockey to Junior, and it is a necessary and integral part of the game both historically and in the present. The only people that are calling for a ban on fighting are the people who aren't paying for the tickets to go to the games. The average Canadian household (and I've lived in 7 out of 10 provinces) love the fighting and can relate with the enforcer. In fact if you check merchandise sales, generally after the superstar player, the sale of the enforcer merchandise is the next highest; however the average Canadian cannot afford to attend the games live anymore, so they are forced to listen to the opinions of the left wing liberals who have never played the game. The same ones who throw their hands in the air when a grown man who owes everything he ever has to the game of hockey comes out against fighting years later... Kudos to Don Cherry, his rant was met with a very positive reception in Northern Alberta, and many other parts of Canada.