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Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong. - Oscar Wilde

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  • Comment on Update from Team M*A*S*H (2011-10-08 14:30:27)
    It's the typical let me elevate myself by putting all the rest of you down comment. It's passive-aggressiveness of the highest order and it's very prevalent here.
  • Comment on Update from Team M*A*S*H (2011-10-08 12:53:05)
    Stick to the arguments please. Name calling only diminishes your valid points. IMO you often sound like Don Cherry with your vindictiveness. If you don't agree that is your prerogative. However to resort to the type of derogatory insults you tend to use when you get upset about a topic is not befitting a person of your character and intellect. Just my opinion.
  • Comment on Update from Team M*A*S*H (2011-10-08 12:41:47)
    In case anybody is interested, the Boone reverse jinx is in full effect for this Sunday. EDIT: I just noticed the link up above.
  • Comment on Update from Team M*A*S*H (2011-10-08 12:37:49)
    That was a clever analogy.
  • Comment on Update from Team M*A*S*H (2011-10-08 12:35:39)
    You can't argue the middle or be balanced here 2ยข. In order to play you have to take a side and argue the extreme position. Don't forget the only way to counter a person with a street gang mentality is to gang up on him. Fight fire with fire. Or, fight fighting with fighting.
  • Comment on Update from Team M*A*S*H (2011-10-08 12:28:41)
    Hobie is guilty of shoving a few people here the wrong way so it's only fitting that a bench clearing brawl ensued. After all, fighting has no place in hockey. Its rightful place is here at H/IO.
  • Comment on Cherry’s bomb backfires (2011-10-08 03:10:50)
    Thankfully views like yours are in the minority. As for Nilan what he said about fighting pertains to staged fights which I oppose as well. I have no problem with fighting before the instigator rule was created because then it served a purpose. However we've seen a new type of player emerge who's only role is enforcer and it detracts from the game not to mention that with the instigator rule we've seen an increase in stick work and cheap shots. Nice job however taking Nilan's comments out of context. Not too mention you are guilty of a more severe form of derogation than you say Mr. Hackel is guilty of. As for Nilan's views on fighting try this quote on for size: "I've never said I don't want fighting in the game. I've always said there is nothing wrong with two guys dropping their gloves and going at it. Now, do I believe there's something wrong when a guy calls a guy a week before a game and says, 'hey, we're gonna go next Tuesday night', I think that's total [expletive] and it's foolishness. Do I believe a spontaneous fight that happens after an incident in a game where either one of your players is attacked by someone or given a cheap shot by someone, or you yourself receive a cheap shot or someone calls you out and asks you to fight ... do I think there's anything wrong with that? I don't think there's anything wrong with that whatsoever. It's within the rules of the game." "I don't think they should take fighting out, and I never said it." Cherry went way over the line and hopefully he'll be removed from the air waves sooner than later. If anything his rant has emboldened and empowered his opponents.
  • Comment on Canadiens sign Joe Callahan (2011-10-08 02:50:37)
    Karma and Hubris are not mutually exclusive. Intent and Reckless Disregard however, are. As for generalizing about Habs fans. It wouldn't have been the first time it happened, not including this instance by yours truly, nor will it be the last. As for cheap. That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. From my perspective you've scraped well below that line with your comment. And yes I think Habs fans are exceedingly guilty of Hubris and it is my perception that every one can benefit from a certain amount of Humility. Myself included. To hold and fill to overflowing is not as good as to stop in time. Sharpen a sword-edge to its very sharpest, And the edge will not last long . . . Withdraw as soon as your work is done. Such is Heaven's Way.
  • Comment on Canadiens sign Joe Callahan (2011-10-08 02:03:38)
    In this case it was Chara's Dogma that ran over Pacioretty's Karma... at least if we're to believe Don Cherry. Which I don't. It was an unfortunate incident, actually a horrific one, and thankfully Pacioretty survived. However, any discussion or assertion about intent is speculative. What goes around comes around. Unless your a Habs fan. In that case what spins its wheels in the mud stays put, moving neither forward or back. Hubris needs to enter the HIO lexicon.
  • Comment on Canadiens sign Joe Callahan (2011-10-08 01:22:32)
    You sir are correct. I misunderstood and I apologize.