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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-25 09:19:41)
    is Rene Bourque the next Eric Cole? yes he had a goal on a backhand that I'm sure Hillier would stop any other night. But can Hab fans watch 3 more years of constant ignoramus turnovers? He has so little confidence now he makes plays like the one where he is alone in the Duck zone in the corner near the goal line, shoots at the net, misses by a yard, and the puck rings around out of the zone all the way to a Duck forward waiting at the Hab blue line. This should have been an easy change for Bourque's teammates. As it turns out it was a shorthanded situation as it took Rene Lafleur a while to get back. Or did he hide at the Duck blueline again waiting for PK to retrieve the puck? Good luck DD trying to accumulate points playing with him and Rocket Moen!
  • Comment on Laraque throws helmet into federal political ring; carves Parros (2013-07-09 22:07:54)
    Agree Habifax. As if Laraque instilled fear into anyone as a Hab. He was a politician then, trying to convince Gainey that he wasn't fighting because nobody wanted to fight him. The end of his career was a total disgrace. The only available career path for him now is politics. He deserves to work with people like him: gutless, two faced and entitled.
  • Comment on Penguins’ Shero beats Habs’ Bergevin for NHL’s GM award (2013-06-14 20:12:32)
    This is a travesty. Fred Shero just bared the cupboards to get Iginla, Morrow and Murray, and lost. Then he turns around and rewards everyone by signing Bylsma and Malkin. Now he is left with $7M to sign 7 players including Dupuis and aforementioned. If the Pens are still a force in two years maybe then he should get this award. Bergevin meantime got rid of Cole, controlled Subban, got rid of Gomez and will do same with Kaberle. No worries Marc. The next two seasons will show you are the best. Go Habs!!!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-19 10:38:01)
    Habs going to the NHL playoff gunfight armed with knives
  • Comment on Habs’ Gallagher sidelined with concussion (2013-02-17 16:49:52)
    The same game penalizes for snowing the goalie ⛄⛄⛄⛄
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-01-20 08:36:00)
    Yes this was a win for the Subban camp. But his demands remain unreasonable. And if Bergevin gives in, his tenure at the helm will be difficult. Hang in there Marc.
  • Comment on Leblanc, Tinordi among Habs cuts; Galchenyuk stays (2013-01-18 18:31:27)
    The next milestone in Subban negotiations is game 5. At that time the Habs will determine if they keep Chuckie or not. If they do, Galchenyuk swallows a potential $3.225M on the salary cap with bonuses. This would leave only $4M for PK.
  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 4 (2013-01-16 16:31:41)
    Vote here: Do you think Galchenyuk and Gionta as wingers for Pleks are improvements over Blake Geoffrion and Aaron Palushaj?
  • Comment on Breaking down the NHL’s new tentative CBA (2013-01-07 09:00:16)
    Will someone please tell Josh Gorges that he can stop slamming the NHL anytime now. He's already talking about how Bettman for sure will lock the players out in 8 years. He sounds like a whiner, and this behavior is not becoming of assistant captains of the CH.
  • Comment on Poll says majority of Canadians don’t care if NHL lockout is settled (2012-12-19 08:30:22)
    Obviously Hainsey is not getting it. Many Teams lose money, the players don't. Hainsey like the rest of the PA, need to get off their culture of entitlement and make concession stat will keep the league functioning. This koolaid that they are drinking in PA meetings about how it's all the leagues fault, and owners are not informed, etc., is very laudable from a leadership standpoint, but its leading the league towards destruction. I, a staunch Hab fan, at this point do not want a settlement anymore. After listening to current players complain for 3 months, I want the season cancelled, and look forward to replacement players. The fact that Stankos and Subban are playing road hockey leaves me completely indifferent. Et Viola!