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  • Comment on Liveblog: Florida at Canadiens (2015-03-28 18:11:36)
    If you're asking me, I'd say they've kind of absorbed the changes since March 2nd. Some new bodies. The return of Emelin. A couple of minor injuries. Looks like the defence is sorted (more or less). The forward lines are pretty static save for the 4th line, but Mitchell has looked good there and Flynn could be an upgrade over Pelly if he can get in a rhythm. Parenteau's return has helped somewhat (surprisingly). They need to get a bit more from Galchenyuk, and Desharnais has fallen off slightly. Eller has come on, although I'm not sure they've capitalized on his play enough. Neither of De la Rose or Weise/DSP are finishers, and that line hasn't buried many of the chances they have created. Kind of like with Sekac. Defensively they are looking strong and (IMO) stronger with the return of Emelin and the addition of Petry. They are a big, mobile and hard hitting pair. Looks good for the playoffs. Beaulieu took a slight hit in playing time and struggled with it, but he has bounced back. Looked solid the last couple and stood up for his team in the last game against Winnipeg (maybe you saw that). Pateryn has been okay, but if Gilbert gets better he'll likely be a slight improvement for the post-season. Price is amazing. Nothing else to say. Half his game is playing the puck like a 3rd d-man. Everything about his play and composure is sublime right now. Knock on your counter-top (assuming it's wood)..... Some secondary scoring and a lit fuse on the PP and they could do some damage. They are more physical, though weighted toward the defence. Team A when Price is in net. Team B when he's not.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Florida at Canadiens (2015-03-28 17:55:58)
    Definite. Love to see Price bring that record home, and I bet #31 is focused on doing it. That and maybe a silver mug.
  • Comment on Flynn is in, Smith-Pelly out for Habs vs Panthers (2015-03-28 17:36:15)
    He's a better skater though, right? Surely he's a better skater.....
  • Comment on Flynn is in, Smith-Pelly out for Habs vs Panthers (2015-03-28 15:31:24)
    Most NHL defencemen can handle him (or any other forward for that matter) off the rush. MTL needs to generate more cycle opportunities, which is where his stickhandling becomes more dangerous. Broken plays, defencemen running around, more openings to work with. If he is alone on the LW with Gallagher on the right and Plekanec at high centre, the lanes are easy to defend. There is no misdirection in those situations.
  • Comment on Flynn is in, Smith-Pelly out for Habs vs Panthers (2015-03-28 15:28:14)
    Mleg - the kid is 21. He is 2 points behind DD, who has had front-line minutes all season long. His 10 PP points are the highest among any forward not named Plekanec. There is nothing wrong with his game IMO. And I think he will be the most offensively gifted player anyone in MTL has seen in a long time. But you cannot generate consistent offense at the NHL level without consistent zone time. No team scores all their goals off the rush. My comment is more about the style of offense that MTL runs, and how it is not conducive to players like Galchenyuk, who can stickhandle in a phone-booth, shoot the lights out, and make imaginative and laser like passes. If he is always skating up the LW, firing an outside shot and hoping one of his team-mates is somewhere near the net, he will not make the most of his talents. You are twisting what I wrote to suit your narrative. I am saying that a kid like Galchenyuk (and MTL in general) might benefit from some pairings that put bigger and skill players together, some to work the corners and kick pucks out, and skill guys to finish. It's that simple. It has nothing to do with him needing an 'absolue exact kind of pairing' to succeed.
  • Comment on Flynn is in, Smith-Pelly out for Habs vs Panthers (2015-03-28 15:18:25)
    He should definitely be getting all kinds of PP time. I don't care too much about the centre thing this year, but he should be there next year for sure. He needs the puck on his stick more. Right now his touches are too inconsistent.
  • Comment on Flynn is in, Smith-Pelly out for Habs vs Panthers (2015-03-28 15:15:14)
    There is little to nothing wrong with Galchenyuk's stickhandling. His decision making? Maybe. But the biggest issue for him right now is confidence and the physical game. He has been taking some abuse recently and is not as robust or rambunctious as Gallagher. Hit him a few times and he tends to shy away. Some heavier linemates would help take some of that off IMO.
  • Comment on Flynn is in, Smith-Pelly out for Habs vs Panthers (2015-03-28 15:08:52)
    He's not being put in a position to fail, but I think the pairing with Plekanec and Gallagher is not ideal for Galchenyuk. He thrives making plays off the cycle, and neither Plekanec or Gallagher will help in that regard. The entire Canadiens team struggles to score largely because almost everything is in transition. The inability to generate a cycle an sustained offensive zone pressure is evident at both 5-on-5 and the PP. Galchenyuk has lighting hands and great offensive mind. Right now he is being turned into a Gallagher type of player, one who patrols his wing and tries to capitalize on the chances that come up. Galchenyuk is much, much more than that. He can make plays all over the ice. But he needs the puck on his stick, space to work with, and linemates who can help ensure that happens. I think dropping him down to Eller's line and promoting DLR to Plekanec and Gallagher is worth a shot.
  • Comment on Dinner with Max: An enlightening look at Habs sniper Pacioretty, on the ice and off (2015-03-27 17:09:43)
    IMO it is time to reunite the EGG line, or at least the Galchenyuk-Eller combo. Plekanec will produce something no matter where he lines up, and he and DLR are both smart enough that they could form a great checking option at 2A or 2B. Give them one of Weise or Gallagher on the RW, leave Galchenyuk-Eller and the other of those RW, and I think you've got a middle six that has a nice mix of size, skill and defensive awareness. Right now you have all the smallish skill on one line, and all the size and grit on another. One has the skill to score, but not the size to hold the offensive zone, and the other has the size to hold the zone, but not the skill to bury.
  • Comment on Dinner with Max: An enlightening look at Habs sniper Pacioretty, on the ice and off (2015-03-27 17:02:42)
    Good post Krob. The pendulum on Therrien continues to swing wildly in either direction. Some have even managed to convince themselves that MTL is where they are in the standing because of his work, and not because of the heroics of certain players. Or, well, one player in particular. The only way you win as many games they have averaging little more than 2 goals/game is by having a goalie who allows less than 2 goals/game. Guess what? They have that goalie. And the whole Eller thing is ridiculous. Wonder why Galchenyuk is off his game? Because there is no-one on that line to carry the physical load. 21 year old guy with his skill should have players out there making space for him. Perfect opportunity last night to try and give him some offensive minutes, and instead Therrien goes with 18 minutes of Desharnais and Plekanec, futilely attempting to get behind that Winnipeg defence.