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  • Comment on Leaving Habs was ‘family decision’ for Brisebois (2014-07-24 11:11:02)
    @krob - That is what I liked about your original post. Markov is yin to PK's yang, and PK needs to recognize that it takes a balanced, deep roster to win a Stanley Cup. If all the dollars and minutes go to one guy, if the play always runs through one guy, they will have a very hard time winning it all. Pittsburgh won when they had a deep, deep roster filled with cap-friendly contracts. Before Letang's $7.5M, and when Crosby, Malkin and Staal were on EL contracts. Ditto for Chicago, who has won with Kane, Toews, Keith, Seabrook et al on reasonable contracts. LA may be the best example of a team that has managed big contracts and still won, but even there the top salary is $7M. PK will try and force MB's hand, but if he wants to stay in MTL, he may have to come down a bit. $8-8.5M has to be the max, and even that could hamper the team's ability to keep other good players around.
  • Comment on Leaving Habs was ‘family decision’ for Brisebois (2014-07-24 10:30:05)
    I like your post, but the team's least effective D for six weeks? This is a roster that had Gorges, Bouillion, Murray, and others on it last year. A slumping PK is still head and shoulders above any of those guys. PK was still MTL's highest scoring D-man, played the most minutes, and was easily their best player in the playoffs. And he's 24-25 years old. Guys like that are "franchise" players, and are the ones who get the big contracts. Price is the best in-house comparable, and if he got $6.5 before the lockout, it should not be surprising that PK will go for something close to $8M now. I hope MB can keep things reasonable, because the fastest way to destroy a team is through cap-busting contracts. That and you need to ensure everyone is pulling together, something I hope PK recognizes. He needs to look at Price as an example here.
  • Comment on Leaving Habs was ‘family decision’ for Brisebois (2014-07-23 19:12:19)
    So the Stanley Cup I get, but why is the Breezer family posing with the Hart, the Lindsay, and the Art Ross?
  • Comment on Habs, Eller far apart heading into salary arbitration (2014-07-23 13:25:05)
    True, but that is a formality. Nearly all RFA players do it because there is a deadline to do so and they don't know at the time how negotiations will go.
  • Comment on Habs, Eller far apart heading into salary arbitration (2014-07-23 13:10:55)
    I tend to agree, though Eller would never accept a 1 year deal at $2.5M, which is likely close to what he would get through arbitration. If MB is unsure of how Eller fits with the Habs long-term, he may see arbitration as the best short-term solution since it gets him a contract he could never negotiate himself.
  • Comment on Habs, Eller far apart heading into salary arbitration (2014-07-23 13:02:11)
    Maybe, but don't underestimate Eller either. He was a good point producer as a 19 year old in the SEL, he scored at nearly a PPG clip as a 20 year old in the AHL, and he has shown serious flashes in the NHL to date, despite inconsistency of both the youthful and organizational variety. DD dominated at the AHL level, but not until he had honed his game in the Q and at the ECHL. And he has had guaranteed PP time and an elite LW to work with during his NHL career.
  • Comment on Habs, Eller far apart heading into salary arbitration (2014-07-23 12:56:45)
    Philly, NYR and Tampa all seem to view their key RFAs (Schenn, Kreider and Killorn) as part of their long-term future. I am not sure it is the same with MTL and Eller. It is interesting that they have been willing to invest so much in Desharnais, but not as much in Eller. Some of that may simply be related to contract status (extension vs. RFA contracts), but you would think that Eller warrants some love from management. As you point out, he is not worth much less than Desharnais, and can do a lot of things wee Davey can't.
  • Comment on Habs, Eller far apart heading into salary arbitration (2014-07-23 12:36:35)
    If Eller goes to arbitration, it's almost guaranteed he'll get something between $2-2.5M. I think both sides know that. Presumably Eller wants a longer-term deal, probably 2-3 years. Obviously he'd like $3+M/year, but surely he knows that ain't happening. It's a typical negotiation: Start at opposite ends and (ideally) find a happy middle ground. The wildcard is what MB wants out of this. Does he see Eller as a key part going forward? If so, he's probably looking to sign him to a multi-year at the $2-2.5M/year range. The further this thing goes though, the more I'm thinking that MB may want to go the arbitration route, get him on a 1 year deal (that he can't negotiate) and make Eller prove himself. I mean, who knows? Maybe after 1 more year, Galchenyuk is ready to step into a the centre spot and there are other young players coming up through. On the flip side, if Eller ends up having a great year, MTL continues to retain his rights and can resign him (at a higher dollar figure obviously), or deal him elsewhere. As other have noted, Eller has been somewhat inconsistent to date. He has a lot going for him, but it is usually not wise to pay real dollars for uncertain potential. Which is why a 1 year contract through arbitration may be the safest course. If you go arbitration you risk poisoning the well, so they'll have to be prepared to lose him if they go that way. Maybe not immediately, but after his RFA status is up.
  • Comment on Habs’ Desharnais shoots 88 at Royal Montreal (2014-07-23 12:10:48)
    I think Eller has done most of those things. He has not scored consistently, and he still makes mistakes, but he has improved his physical play immensely, has obviously worked hard in the off-season, and he competes hard more often than not. As a young player who has not received any real PP time and gets only about 15 minutes/night, he has put up respectable point totals. He has been given a regular PK role and has done fairly well with it, and has shown the ability to step up in big games. The biggest problem I have with him is his decision making, which is not where it should be after almost 300 NHL games. If there was any reason to balk at giving him $2.5M/year, that is it IMO.
  • Comment on Habs’ Desharnais shoots 88 at Royal Montreal (2014-07-23 11:16:52)
    Kreider just signed for $2.475M/year in order to avoid arbitration. Eller comparables are all in the $2.5M/year range, and he shouldn't expect any more than that: Kreider - 2.475, 23 yrs old, 40 points/89 NHL games (.45 PPG) Schenn - 2.5/year, 23 yrs old, 87 points/192 NHL games (.45 PPG) Killorn - 2.55/year, 25 yrs old, 60 points/120 NHL games (.50 PPG) Eller - ?/year, 25 yrs old, 103 points/286 NHL games (.36 PPG)