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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-17 12:36:11)
    I agree completely that he runs around too much and takes himself out of plays, although those two hip checks definitely separated the TB player from the puck. I would hate to see the coaching staff eliminate the aggressiveness from his game. IMO those attributes are an important part of what makes him special among NHL D-men. If he doesn't rush the puck, he loses one of the things that makes him hard to defend. And if he doesn't rush the puck and lose it sometimes, how is he going to learn to pick his spots? To me, when you have a player that has all that upside, all that game-breaking ability, yeah, you try to help him harness it. But you also have to build a structure that supports his style of play. If you know that PK is gonna rush the puck, a forward needs to circle in behind in case there is a turnover. If you know that PK is gonna try and punish someone for taking the puck to the outside, make sure his d-partner and the first forward back are ready to slide down in case he misses. Part of coaching is building around your best players, not just demanding they conform to your system. Everyone needs to buy in, no doubt about it, but the best system is one that plays to team, and therefore player, strengths.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-17 12:08:29)
    The guy does seem to step his game up when it matters most. He played excellently last night, mostly because he asserted himself physically. He is a horse and creates a lot of turnovers by throwing his weight around. That whole 3rd line did a pretty good job I thought.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-17 12:02:59)
    He needs to become more consistent on the defensive side of the puck, but in no way should they try and take the offensive flash out of his game. He is a burgeoning star precisely because he can hurt you in so many different ways. If the coaches try to prevent him from ragging the puck, they are locking down an important weapon. When he rushes the puck, it forces the opposition to adjust their defensive scheme on the fly, thereby creating confusion, open ice, and offensive chances. Don't try to change him. Don't beat down his confidence. Just help him improve. Subban will never be (and should never try to be) Shea Weber. The coaches need him to play within himself, but if they suck the life and joy out of his game, he won't become the player he can be. Which IMO is a potential HOFer.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-17 11:56:39)
    Couldn't disagree more. PK played a solid 30 minutes, laid some huge hip checks, didn't take any bad penalties (even the one he took was not worth calling), didn't turn the puck over and didn't over extend on the offensive side. Is he perfect? No. Is he done developing? No. But he is easily worth $7-8M in a long-term contract. The guy is 24 and is still about 3-4 years away from his prime. Stud.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-17 11:17:43)
    I've bashed him in the past (and will probably bash him in the future), but Desharnais played an excellent game last night. Lot's of jump and aggression. He will always be a mediocre 200 foot player, but from the Tampa blueline in he did a great job. Vanek is awesome. Guy has so much swagger that he brings the confidence level of the whole team up. Weise, Bourque and Bournival all did an excellent job with limited minutes. Eller was a force, and Briere created more than a couple of chances. The D was good. Not great, but good. I thought PK and Gorges did a fine job on Stamkos for the most part, and Weaver and Bouillion played some quality minutes. Price takes some heat in the ALN, but he made the saves he absolutely had to. It's tough for a goalie when he doesn't see a lot of action and then suddenly has Stamkos bearing down on him at full speed. I don't think any of the goals were particularly bad, and the only one he probably wished he had back was Kucherov's. The depth of the Habs showed last night I thought. Other than Stamkos and a couple of others, TB did not create much. If MTL can limit SS' effectiveness, their depth and experience should be a distinct advantage in this series. Looking forward to the next game. If they can take 2 in TB, the series is theirs to lose....
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-13 12:31:11)
    Props to les Bleu-Blanc-et-Rouge. A great season by pretty much any measure. 100 points is about 8-10 more than I expected in September, and they have done it despite going through some real rough patches. Just goes to show that good goaltending is the great equalizer. Up and down performances by a defensive unit or mediocre scoring by the offensive lines can be offset by consistently good netminding. The Vanek add has really changed the dynamic up front, and Therrien has managed to wade through the adversity without losing the team. Still not a great fan of his, especially when it comes to player development, but am willing to acknowledge that he has done a good job with the leadership of the team and has everyone buying into a system. I think they have a chance to surprise some teams in the post-season, especially if they can get Prust and Moen back and playing. Losing Galchenyuk hurts a bit, but I think Bourque is a guy that could show some value in the post-season. Looking forward to watching some play-off hockey. Should be a good series. GO HABS! ALLONS-Y!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-13 10:42:35)
    This is true. It'll be tough to win 16 of the next 25 games, but they have a dangerous mix of speed, skill and goaltending. They also have some good grit if guys like Prust and Moen can make a go of it. They could do some damage if Price continues to play like a champ.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-13 10:29:28)
    Ryan Malone out on a bit of bender last night..... Tampa can probably find a way to rally around this, but Malone has been a bit of a thorn in the Habs' side in the past. If he has to miss part (or all) of the 1st round, it could play to the Habs' advantage.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-05 11:57:12)
    When it comes to the roster and signings for next year, I think the Habs are in pretty good shape. If they do manage to keep both Markov and Subban, they'll have the following under contract: 4 established NHL d-men (Subban, Markov, Emelin, Gorges) 2 legitimate prospect d-men (Tinordi, Beauieu) 7 veteran NHL forwards (Pacioretty, Plekanec, Desharnais, Briere, Prust, Moen, Bourque) 3 young players who are NHL ready (Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Bournival) So 16 players under contract for something in the vicinity of $62M. Assuming a $70M cap, that leaves them with about $8M to sign at least 2 full-time forwards and probably 1 full-time d-man. Personally I think they have what they need on defense. Tinordi is ready to play full-time, and Beaulieu should be also. Pateryn may never play full-time with Montreal, but he should at least be useful as a depth player next year (though he's an RFA). Up front is where they need to spend some money. As much as I love him in Montreal, I don't think the Vanek thing will work. PK is more important to the future of the team, and Vanek is gonna take up whatever cap space is left after they sign PK and Markov. If they could move out Bourque's contract maybe, but otherwise I don't think there is room for a long-term deal with Vanek. They're probably gonna have to look at a lesser complimentary talent and hope to get more offense out of younger players like Galchenyuk. Not a bad place to be though. Losing Vanek will hurt Desharnais and (to a lesser degree) Pacioretty's production, so finding a good fit on their right side will be important, but they have a good mix of youth and veterans already in place for next year, which will give them options this summer. Getting a bit ahead of tonight's game with Detroit though, which should be a good one. Teams like Detroit are what MTL will face in the playoffs, so they will hopefully use it as a measuring stick.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-05 10:57:42)
    Haven't gone back and read the board, but if the chatter is about not resigning Subban, it is crazy talk. PK might not be playing his best hockey right now, but he hasn't had a solid partner recently to help with defensive responsibilities and, as often seems to be the case, the coaching staff comes down hard on him. He is the best d-man Montreal has, Markov included, and has huge long-term upside. Also, not sure if any else saw his interview with Friedman last night, but he is an incredibly thoughtful and articulate person who understands and embraces the Montreal market. Not signing him would be gross negligence on the part of management. But since I'm 100% positive MB resigns him, and for big (well deserved) money, there should be nothing to worry about.