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  • Comment on Bring on the Bruins! Canadiens get ready for a busy weekend (2014-11-21 15:22:36)
    I don't want to see Thornton in MTL either, but if you think Pacioretty is good now, imagine what he would/could do with Jumbo Joe feeding him pucks. It would be scary....
  • Comment on Bring on the Bruins! Canadiens get ready for a busy weekend (2014-11-21 13:59:10)
    Not sure I understand all the frustration with the draft order and with the worst teams getting the best picks. Isn't this the way that most (if not all) major sports have administered their drafts? And with the more recent addition of the "lottery", hasn't it meant that the worst teams are not necessarily guaranteed to top pick? I am also not someone who puts a lot of stock in the "tanking" idea. Not saying that teams don't set themselves up to fail, but I don't think it is as pervasive as we sometimes make it out to be. Building a team takes time, and the guys that help you turn things around fast (i.e. Crosby, Toews) are rarities. For most it takes several years for their top picks to shine, and to bring in the necessary supporting cast. Personally I think the the EDM situation is overblown. They have a lot of good players, and the main things that have held them back are management and - by extension - coaching and the lack of a #1 netminder. I mean, they don't need to have Hall, RNH, Eberle, Yakupov and Draisaitl on their roster at the same time. Too much inexperience and poor defensive play. It is just poor management.
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Blues bring out the best in Canadiens (2014-11-21 13:19:40)
    I think Edmonton needs a less incestuous approach to management. The same guys have been around for too long, and have failed to develop anyone outside of their top picks. And I'd argue that they didn't even "develop" those guys. They just plugged them in and they were good enough to produce results. Hall is a great player. RNH and Eberle are also very good. Draisaitl will be a solid NHLer and I think Klefbom and Nurse are sure bets. Personally I am not sold on Yakupov, and am not sure he has the mental makeup required to excel in the NHL. But how many of the guys on their roster are their own late rounders? None that I know of. And why would you put a rookie NHL coach in charge of a roster of undeveloped stars? Guys like that need veteran leadership and someone who knows the NHL game inside-out. I don't like what I've seen of Eakins and felt at the time he was the wrong hire. Just like I thought that McTavish was the wrong hire as GM. Calgary hired a guy like Hartley to show the kids the ropes, and it has worked out wonderfully for them. Of course, it doesn't hurt that they have a guy like Giordiano on the back end. I think the world of him as a player and leader.
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Blues bring out the best in Canadiens (2014-11-21 13:01:24)
    I was not on board with sending Tinordi back to Hamilton, but as I posted earlier, it is obvious now why Bergevin has made the moves he has, and why he knows better than most others about these things. Not only has he brought in a top-20 scoring defencemen in NHL HISTORY (better PPG average than Niedermayer), he has brought in a no-nonsense 6'5" 230lb behemoth who has played NHL level hockey since he was 20 years old. Tonnes of experience, and guys who fill both the skill sets that Beaulieu and Tinordi are both expected to have. And with those guys on two-way, waiver exempt contracts, they have the flexibility to send and recall these guys as needed. So they now have 7 legitimate NHL defencemen to choose from on any given night, and a solid mix of puck movement and gritty defensive play. It's pretty great actually. Count me among the converted on the handling of Beaulieu and Tinordi.
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Blues bring out the best in Canadiens (2014-11-21 12:40:19)
    I think they have the centres necessary to help him rediscover his game. Not sure he'll line up with either of them, but both Getzlaf and Kesler are big, aggressive bodies who will do a lot of dirty work, and Cogliano is also a decent two way guy. Bourque needs to do what he didn't in MTL, which is get aggressive in the o-zone and be a trigger man.
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Blues bring out the best in Canadiens (2014-11-21 12:31:27)
    The fact that he has managed to move all those contracts out without hurting them this season, and without bringing additional years back, is really quite impressive. Especially considering that we are only in the second month of the season. I don't think he's done either, although the way they have played the last 2 weeks, he may not have to do much more..... Looking forward to seeing Allen in there. I've liked him since his Vancouver days. He is a big, rugged LH d-man who will plow the crease and play the PK. Should be a good situational play/start for them going forward, and is another asset they can keep or move as the season wears on. Great depth add for a player that was a salary problem and not even on their NHL roster. I am rooting for Bourque though, and I think Anaheim is as good a spot as any for him to find his game. They have great leadership and won't rely on him to provide a tonne of offence.
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Blues bring out the best in Canadiens (2014-11-21 12:18:35)
    Prust's little tap/redirect to Eller was a great one-touch play. I am loving that line right now, and Prust is doing a lot of good things out there.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-21 08:38:58)
    Bourque traded? Allen? Is that Bryan Allen? EDIT: Never mind. Caught myself up. Can't say I mind that deal, although barring another trade that pretty much cements Tinordi in Hamilton. Which, the way their playing now, is probably why Bergevin is smarter than me. When it comes to hockey anyway...
  • Comment on Mike Weaver listed as day-to-day as Canadiens prepare to face Blues (2014-11-20 11:31:44)
    Not sure the captaincy thing is related to his future prospects. On a team with few long-standing players and a lot of rookies or sophomores, I think he was simply the obvious choice. Not sure what his contract structure says. It is a two-way deal that sees him become an RFA at the end of this season. Is that an indication that he is a career minor leaguer?
  • Comment on Mike Weaver listed as day-to-day as Canadiens prepare to face Blues (2014-11-20 11:29:25)
    I guess guarantee is a bit strong. Since he has cleared waivers, he's put up nearly a point-per-game, been appointed captain and showed an increasingly hard edge. I think he can be a 4th liner on a lot of teams, and at 24 is just coming into his prime. He has shown steady development in the AHL and appears ready for the next step. So to rephrase, I think there is a good chance he would get claimed. Nothing is guaranteed.